Thursday, July 15, 2010


The bad news is that we've been seeing a lot more of this since coming home from the hospital:

Our super mellow Josie who was always in a good mood seems to have been replaced by a very disgruntled baby.  Poor thing had open heart surgery a week ago today and is only taking Tylenol to control her pain.  Her pediatric cardiologist wanted me to bring her in for an echocardiogram just to confirm that the crying wasn't due to excess fluid around her heart and lungs.  Turns out, her heart and lungs are in great shape and her wounds are healing nicely.  If the fussiness continues, we will see her pediatrician.  Luckily, the afternoon was better so let's hope the improvement continues.  

Now for some good news.  Notice anything different about this face?
No more cannula stickers!  Those little brown circles are designed to secure her nasal cannula that delivers oxygen.  However, Josie hasn't needed oxygen for the last 4 days and her oxygen saturation levels are continuously improving!  She still wears a little probe around her foot that is connected to her pulse oximeter - a machine that measures her oxygen saturation levels. 
The goal is to be between 85 and 100.  Prior to surgery, her levels would drop down into the 70's.  Check this out:
98 without oxygen!  Sealing up those holes made all the difference in the world!  Just think, someday soon we will have an entirely cordless baby.  We can't wait!

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