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Using Visual Aids To Help Prepare A Child With Special Needs For Change, several different resources are referenced.  A weekly schedule can be created with a simple table in Word.  

Social Stories - A social story is a simple book or document that explains a scenario to a child in an easy-to-understand format.  We've all fallen into the trap of assuming a child doesn't understand/care about an impending event/change but our kids are affected by these things.  Preparing them in advance can help provide comfort to the child and it can also prevent negative behaviors that arise when a child is confused or upset by a change.  Here's a great website with many different social stories that are FREE to download and print:

(P.S.  Social stories aren't just for kids with autism)

Behavior Advice from the Expert
This book is awesome.  I own it.  It really helps you understand WHY our kids exhibit certain behavioral challenges and knowing that, offers clarity on handling said challenges.  But if you have a hard time carving out time to read (guilty!), HERE is a brief (12 page) online guide written by the author of this fantastic book.  Consider it the cliff notes:

How to Help A Disabled Person Navigate Death and Grieving

Fun Visual Aids to Make Mornings Easier


Counting Coins

Special thanks to Dana at Bias Behavioral for adapting this resource for us!  She made it so easy to fill in the squares with your own photos!  CLICK HERE to download. 

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