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Using Visual Aids To Help Prepare A Child With Special Needs For Change, several different resources are referenced.  A weekly schedule can be created with a simple table in Word.  

Social Stories - A social story is a simple book or document that explains a scenario to a child in an easy-to-understand format.  We've all fallen into the trap of assuming a child doesn't understand/care about an impending event/change but our kids are affected by these things.  Preparing them in advance can help provide comfort to the child and it can also prevent negative behaviors that arise when a child is confused or upset by a change.  Here's a great website with many different social stories that are FREE to download and print:

(P.S.  Social stories aren't just for kids with autism)

Behavior Advice from the Expert
This book is awesome.  I own it.  It really helps you understand WHY our kids exhibit certain behavioral challenges and knowing that, offers clarity on handling said challenges.  But if you have a hard time carving out time to read (guilty!), HERE is a brief (12 page) online guide written by the author of this fantastic book.  Consider it the cliff notes:

How to Help A Disabled Person Navigate Death and Grieving

Fun Visual Aids to Make Mornings Easier



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