Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dance Marathon

Look who's back!  Leanne and Mama Hop rolled into town to keep Josie and I company while Travis was on a business trip to Europe. 
Mama Hop threw herself into Feeding Tube 101 like a champion.  Although this was not her first experience with a feeding tube - Leanne had one circa 1977 - the technology has changed a bit since then.  My super savvy mom was undeterred by the electronic pump and all of it's beeping and she became an expert in no time.   

Aunt Leanne took great pride in "paci duty" in which she would promptly return the pacifier to Josie's mouth each and every time she spit it out.  Let me tell you, folks, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone else with such a talent (and patience) for "paci duty"! 
Our guests also helped us with various other household duties including baby bathing and grocery shopping...
Leanne took great pride in pushing the cart with Josie in it.  She would inform every passer by that "That's my sister.  This is her baby, 'Catfish with Ketchup.'  This is my favorite baby.  I pray for this baby every night!"  Now everyone at my neighborhood grocery store thinks I named my baby "Catfish with Ketchup."

The highlight of the visit was Friday night.  It started out calmly enough; we invited our good friends, Curt and Abbey over for pizza.  Abbey held Josie while Leanne read aloud and demonstrated sign language.
My mom and Leanne had recently attended a rock ballet and Leanne decided to demonstrate some of the ballet moves for our guests.
Somehow this evolved into a Michael Jackson themed dance marathon...

While Abbey, my mom, and myself attempted to keep up, Curt was the only one who could truly match Leanne's energy and enthusiasm.

Leanne - Friday,11:30pm

Leanne - Saturday, 9:00am
Looks like someone had a bit too much Propofol. 
(I'm sorry - bad Michael Jackson joke.  I love you, Michael.  RIP!)  Luckily, this sleepy state quickly disappeared with the mention of a Starbucks Frappucino. 

Overall, we had a great time together! 
And Josie can't wait for another memorable visit from her lively Aunt Leanne.
  Bring on the dance lessons!


  1. LOVE this! I think Aunt Leanne could definitely teach me a few things!

  2. Oh yea!! I love Michael Jackson dancing too!!! Next time call me. Ok?

  3. So sweet.This entire post.You all are blessed beyond words.

    Josie looks great and Leanne,well,my seven year old went to Target this weekend and spent some of his birthday money on a Michael hat and glove and glasses ensemble ... just something to think about!!!

  4. Love this! I am so glad Josie is better:)

  5. Absolutely adore the last picture and love this post. There are 3 blogs that set off my "Yeah!" meter when I see there's a new post: Kelle Hampton, Pudge and Zippy's, and yours.

  6. Josie looks so good!!! Glad that she's doing well. Betting that she & her Aunt Leanne will have many dance marathons in the future! :)

  7. I love the Aunt Leanne and the "Catfish with Ketchup" posts!!! Dance Leanne dance!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  8. What a great weekend, looks like a fun dance party. Thankful they could come into town to help you out while Travis is gone.
    That little catfish with ketchup gets cuter and cuter!

  9. I actually had recurring nightmares about Michael Jackson when I was growing up. For a year after that darn Thriller video came out I was absolutely certain he lived under my bed.
    Thank you, Leanne, for single-handedly curing me of my affliction.
    And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again...who's bad?

  10. That is just awesome, ALL of it, from G-tube feed lessons, to grocery shopping, to dance party, been looking forward to your post since you mentioned Aunt Leanne was coming for a visit! My kids and I did a Buddy Walk locally last weekend...Leanne would have met her match with those dancers...wish the rest of us could dance like that!!!

  11. I could not love this blog any more. <3 I love how your mom just jumped right back into it all. It has to be such a fun trip down memory lane for her. Leanne is awesome and I LOVE how much she is in love with your daughter. What lucky girls to have each other forever. My oldest is 4.5 and has DS also. Feel free to come visit us too. :)

  12. That is so awesome. I love it.
    I teared up and laughed all in one little read.

    You have just a wonderful way of sharing your life - thank you :)))

  13. Awwww! I absolutely love your page! I shared it with my students, and they thought it was adorable! :o)

  14. Catching up from the beginning. I love your family! Will you adopt me?!