Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hanging in there

The Good News: They removed her high-flow nasal cannula this morning and Josie maintained her saturations in the 90's all day.
The Bad News: Even though her saturations were good, her retractions and strider are worse without the cannula and she required more frequent breathing treatments so the cannula is back.  That's okay - cannulas are the hottest trend this fall and she looks darn cute in it. 
Cannula-free smiles

The Good News: A couple of residents told me because she responds favorably to the nebulized epinephrine, they think it's croup.  Croup is a virus and generally passes within a week or so.
The Bad News: Josie's airways are smaller than average so any inflammation or swelling has a more serious impact on her. 

Lounging in the swing

The Good News: Josie had an echocardiogram today to rule out any heart problems.
The Bad News: I still don't have the results even though I've had the doctor paged...twice...I'm going to assume that if the results indicated heart problems, the cardiology service would have come by to see her by now.  No news is good news.

Snoozing through the echo

More Good News...
She looks good, right?
She's happy
Nurse Coleen scored me lots of syringes to take home (hey - it's the little things in life)
Nurse Katie is working tomorrow
Daddy is coming tomorrow!

Sweet Dreams Josie Jo Jo


  1. She's such a sweet girl. And quite a trouper puttin' up with all that with a smile!

  2. We'll be happy to hear when your reinforcement arrives!

    Totally appreciate the value of the syringe score!! Well played! Now see if you can get that sweet Katie to hook you up with some polymem!!

  3. lots of good news!! Still praying here in Oregon, and we will continue to do so!! oxox to Josie!

  4. stick with the good news!!! She does look great! hoping your back home soon.

    prayers coming your way!

  5. Overall good news for Josie! That is wonderful. We've been praying for her every day.

  6. She looks great... hopefully some positive (without negative) answers and news will arrive soon.

  7. Rock it out sweet Josie Girl....still praying for you sweet girl!!
    Sunnie in NC

  8. We love the great news. Praying that she gets better each day and is home soon!

  9. so sorry to know that you guys are back in the hospital but so happy to hear that it appears to be croup and hopefully will be all through with little josie asap!!! i hope you keep having lots of good news :)

  10. Praying for Josie - I hope she gets better soon!!