Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Outtakes Plus Aunt Leanne in Costume

The winter quarantine commenced with our hospital discharge so we did not participate in any sort of public Halloween festivities.  All we have to show for Halloween 2010 is this little photo shoot we set up in our family room.  It was not one of our better photo shoots as we were dealing with a cranky baby, an uncooperative dog (she failed three puppy kindergartens but who's counting?), and less than ample lighting (yes, we were sitting in the dark avoiding trick-or-treaters because while they are cute kids dressed up in clever costumes to you, to us they are little germ factories).  However, we do have some entertaining outtakes to share:
What the - Who told the dog she could crash my photo shoot?

Hey - Get outta my Cuisinart aluminum non-stick cauldron!

Dad!  She's in my cauldron again!

Yeah - get on outta here and don't come back!

Why are you laughing?  Is that dog behind me?

 And now for the keepers.  These are actually the ones that turned out well (and I use that term loosely):

Runner Up #2: Deer in the headlights - both of 'em

Runner Up #1 - Glamour Shot
(thanks to my free online photo editing software prowess, it totally looks like we took them to Glamour Shots in the mall circa 1990!)
 Special thanks to my mom's wonderful next door neighbor, Tom, who emailed me some adorable photos of Aunt Leanne in her Halloween Costume.  Drum roll please...a ballerina!  Are you really surprised?  Like we didn't foreshadow that one enough...
She truly is enchanting, don't you think?

And so graceful!

Which takes me back to Halloween 2009, long before the days of Josie and the blog.  However, Leanne's Halloween costume was so memorable, it was worth digging up this old photo...
No, he didn't come back from the dead.  That's actually Aunt Leanne dressed as Michael Jackson.  I know - the resemblance is strikingly creepy! 

I don't know about you but I can't wait for next year! 


  1. Oh, I was hoping you'd have some great pictures of Aunt Leanne in her Halloween costume. Josie's witch/cauldron is fabulous!!!

  2. Josie is the cutest little witchie poo I've ever seen. And Leanne looks lovely as a ballerina. I had to laugh when I saw Michael Jackson because Jimmy thinks he is the MAN! I just had to show him Leanne and he loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the update! A cutey patootey witch and the most graceful Ballerina!!

  4. Fantastic pics, and I love the commentary. Josie is definitely the cutest witch around and I love your sister's costume style. A beautiful ballerina and she looks like she knows how to have fun!!

  5. They are both awesome!!! Loved yesterday's post where Josie and the little dog are yawning :)

  6. Josie is SO cute!!!! I love the Glamour shot photo : ) Leann is a beautiful ballerina....and the Michael Jackson costume was pretty great!

  7. I just don't believe that little Josie could be cranky ;)

  8. Love, love, love your pictures and your writing and your story and you!!! p.s. Sarah and I both have our Glamour Shots still hanging around. I'll have to post Sarah's one day:)

  9. Oh, how funny that she wanted to dress up as MJ!! Did she have the turn and grab down pat because that's a must...well unless she could pull out the moonwalk! Haha!