Saturday, December 11, 2010

Email from Aunt Leanne; Preparing for ski season

Leanne & I at the Special Olympics Winter Games 2009

dear josie catfish ketchup

i went ski practice

inside in gym floor

cold outside today

we had breakfast5

omellt bacon cheses

canberries juice

for lunch beef soup

juice canberries


that is it

love leanne

chesebuger head


Leanne participates in the Special Olympics Winter Games every year.  Her event: Cross Country Skiing.  When there isn't enough snow to ski outside, the athletes practice inside on the gym floor.  They practicing taking the skis on and off, falling over, and getting back up.  We hope to be able to take Josie to watch her Aunt Leanne compete someday.  It's tons of fun! 
P.S. I'm beginning to think Leanne needs a Twitter account as a forum to broadcast what she ate daily.  She never misses a meal, does she?! 


  1. I just have to say, "Bravo!" You have an amazing outlook on life! It is so refreshing to stumble upon a blog that is so very positive amidst strife. I happened to stumble upon your blog and ended up reading every post. My husband and I have two biological children and currently, two foster children. We hope to someday add adopted children to our family. We would only be so lucky as to have one or more of those children diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Not because they are adorable, giving, loving human beings who we would learn so much from, but because they are highly misunderstood. Thank you for loving your sister and daughter and being such a witness of love to the rest of the world.

  2. Great pic of the two of you. Hoping that my son will be a Special Olympian one day as well :)

  3. LOVED Leanne's letter and the picture of you two. Now, I am craving cranberry juice though :) Happy Holidays!!!