Thursday, January 20, 2011

Someone is MAD!

Well folks, Mama Hop & Aunt Leanne were supposed to be driving up to see us today but unfortunately some incelement weather has interfered with their plans and Aunt Leanne is NOT happy about it...

dear elizabethannnie

i have your house i mad

you see baby today

jose catfish



frry rice nicknamesh

shovel snow


get out house


off mind




Apparently she's mad and she's bored out of her mind.  Not a good combination!  Hell hath no fury like an Aunt being kept away from her beloved Catfish with Ketchup by a stupid snow storm!  Someone get Al Roker on the phone and tell him to fix it...or else!


  1. Awwwww! This makes me sad.
    But it mostly makes me happy...I LOVE reading Leanne's letters. How sweet of you to post them. I can tell you are one proud big sister :-)
    I can only dream of the day that my Little Miss Macy (and your Josie) will be as sweet, kind and SMART as your dear sister.
    I do not know many adults with Down Syndrome, so please know that reading your blog is extremely motivating and inspirational to me.

    Love your friends from NE

  2. Poor Auntie Leanne
    Hope it melts so she can come a callin on her catfish with ketchup. :)

  3. Reading a letter from Aunt Leanne never fails to make me smile. We're not crazy about the weather in Cleveland either! Can't wait for spring!

  4. LOVE this letter. She's so sweet. I love how she loves Josie. Hoping the snow melts so Cheeseburger Head and her Catfish can be reunited soon! :)

  5. The central part of the state is no better with snow. Aunt Leanne's emails crack me up and are always good for a laugh and a smile.

  6. We got more snow tonight in Michigan.. Hope the weather there clears up soon for Aunt Leanne!

  7. Cute! Glad she got to see you guys!!

  8. First of all I love the emais I tried to read as many as I could. second I also give my family food nicknames, they after have no rhyme or reason but they just sort of come out like oh my little spikey pineapple, or my California roll, or my sweet little chicken leg, my favorite is my little creme brule, and I have no idea why