Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pigtails Clarification

So many people have asked if Josie ate the hair bow so I decided I needed to put up a clarification post. She did not eat the bow - it fell down her back. When she leans forward (to admire herself in the mirror), her diaper gaps and it must have fallen right down her little crack. I wish her eating skills were that good! I try to give her those Gerber puffs and she throws them at the dog! She doesn't want them anywhere near her mouth. Lillian, however, really likes the arrangement ;-) 

My Dad tells me the poop stories are grossing him out so no more poop stories for awhile...unless they're really good!  Hey - I wouldn't mind a week or two without poop stories!


  1. Sweet baby. My boy HATED all bady fool (even puffs) so he has been on a steady diet of oatmeal and eggs since he was a babe. Your girl is so cute and because of your post I keep mentioning to my husband "we should adopt a DS babe" I hope it will work on him soon. My boy needs a sibling anyway!Love your blog!

  2. Poop stories are always funny unless they happen to you! So for your sake I hope no more poop stories for a while!!

  3. I have to admit I was one of the ones who thought she ate it and was quite impressed at her eating skills! LOL