Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why We Love Our Divas

My Grandpa's funeral reunited the family and allowed us an opportunity to remember and celebrate a man we all loved.  Concurrently, we were all reminded exactly why we love our divas.
We visited my Grandparents' house and my mom sat in my Grandpa's old La-Z-Boy and held Josie.  While this was a very difficult time for my mom, Josie's face always brightens her spirits...

...and my big sister's face always brightens my spirits.  I had the privilege of taking Leanne bowling.  Leanne bowled an impressive 74 (that's higher than any bowling score I've ever obtained)!
She sustained a minor bowling injury and in true Leanne fashion, milked it for all it was worth.  Somebody call an ambulance!
That life threatening thumb injury was quickly forgotten when Leanne was reunited with her beloved Catfish with Ketchup.  I had a heck of a time getting both of them to cooperate in posing for a photo so here's a little collage...
The funeral itself provided me with an enormous reminder of one of the reasons I love having Leanne around - she lightens the mood.  And while she can certainly create her share of awkward situations, she can also diffuse them.  Before the visitation started, they allowed the family to enter the room first and Leanne knelt down by the casket and said "Grandpa, I'm going to miss two things: the cake on your birthday, and the money.  In the name of the father, son, and the holy spirit.  Amen!"  We all cracked up laughing.  My Grandpa used to whip out his wallet and give Leanne a dollar every time he saw her.  Come to think of it, he gave Leanne anything she wanted.  If she wanted to go to Hardee's right now - he took her.  If she was out of paper, he would run to the store and get her more - right away.  Later Leanne admitted she was going to miss more than those two things - she was going to miss "everything".
In the car on the way to the burial, my mom got a little emotional and Leanne said "Mom, don't cry.  You still have me.  FOREVER!"  It was so sweet and sincere.  We all chuckled and my mom said "Leanne, you don't know how grateful I am for that."  Ditto, Mom! 

Our divas took an otherwise sad week and added sunshine, as they always do, and that's why we love them so much!


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a pretty amazing grandpa.:) Leanne makes me smile every time I read about her. And that sad face of hers melts my heart.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. :( I loved this post, it made me tear up, laugh and sigh with familiarity all at the same time. I LOVE that you and Leanne are like my girls with Natalie (DS) being the older sister. It is so calming as a mommy of young ones to read. Thank you to you, Leanne and your own little squishy Josie. <3

  3. Oh my goodness I'm tearing up now! What a sweet sentiment that both your mom and you share for sweet kids. I'm sorry for your loss. Certainly your grandfather will be watching his two divas from a much better spot and wishing he could slip your sweet Josie money as she grows up. What precious memories, you are so fortunate!

  4. So sorry for your loss. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families. Very grateful for Leanne and Josie to be in your life and love on you.

  5. I'm so sorry, just lost my "papa" (grandpa) in early January, hope you are feeling a bit of peace that he's smiling down... so proud of you and the "Divas"