Friday, March 25, 2011

Feeding Therapy

Josie hasn't done well with her eating during the last couple of days.  I immediately thought she was regressing and I went into a full blown panic.  In my world, a lack of enthusiasm for eating for a couple of days equates to "Oh my heavens - this child is going to be on the feeding tube until she goes to high school!!!"  Ask Travis - going to extremes is my forte. 

I was desperate.  So desperate, that I called to mind some advice her feeding therapist had given me; advice that I'd conveniently ignored until now.  She said to let Josie "play" in her food so that she has a fun and positive association with the food.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  The only caveat being that I am extremely mess averse.  I truly had to weigh the benefit of Josie's oral motor experience against the sheer anxiety the notion of letting Josie cake herself (and my kitchen) in food would bring to me in my already fragile/hormonal/pregnant state. 

But I started to imagine Grammie Deb sewing a mic-key button patch on Josie's prom dress and I caved.  I stripped that baby down, set her in the bathtub, took a deep breath, and let her go to town...
Josie had a ball with this little exercise but she didn't eat very much...Oh well - it was worth a shot.

Fast forward a few hours later when Josie's Daddy sits down to feed her dinner.  "Don't expect much" I warned him. 
Well I'll be darned if that little stinker didn't scarf down a whole container of baby food faster than you can say "Forget you, Mom!  Dad is my favorite!" 

Ironically, she happened to be wearing this shirt today
(Target didn't have an "I love my Mommy" shirt)

Go figure!


  1. I love that you put her in the tub to eat! LOL I haven't dealt with feeding issues so I'm really no help in the eating department, but I do know that both of my boys have days where food is not their top priority. Frustrating and I'm not dealing with a kiddo who has food issues so I can't imagine what went through your mind and any freak out was totally warranted in my opinion! Josie is beyond cute and I just want to squeeze those cheeks!!!

  2. Hey pregnant mommy - just think of the success you would have had if you put Josie in the bathtub WITH HER DADDY! They could have a FOODFEST! YAW HOOO!

  3. Hope Daddy Wonderpants is able to clear his schedule for repeated snacks and meals at home with his disciple. :0) Daddies are natural show offs...looks like you've got a pro on your hands in the munching AND snack-delivering department. xoxo

  4. You are too funny! Putting her in the bathtub. How creative. You should invent like a bubble or something. Actually get used to it. Just wait until you find socks in your refrigerator or spoiled milk in toy boxes. Oh, yes!! It will happen.

    We didn't have kiddos with feeding tubes. But our Dr. always said that you should look at their diet by the week. I never understood it. There were times they were interested and times not. Another tip he gave me was to always put a spoon in her hand or on the tray to get her used to holding something while eating and if she wants to try let her. Welcome to mess!!!

    You are such a good MAMA!!! I love reading your stories. I sure hope you can save all of these for her someday!

  5. Love the bathtub idea AND that she actually ate the food for her daddy! Way to go!!!!

  6. Josie's taking after LC, doing it in her own time. Soon, she'll be the ballerina, following LC's lead. Your little girl is precious!