Friday, March 18, 2011

Wrapping up the week

It's always a good week when Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are in town.  We very much enjoyed their company.
Josie's shirt says it all

Leanne and I took advantage of Mama Hop's babysitting services to enjoy some sisterly bonding over shopping - mainly for Mama Hop's upcoming birthday.  You see, Leanne starts obsessing over the next person's birthday as soon as the last person's birthday is over.  For awhile now, she's been planning my mom's birthday and has been telling us that she's going to get her a "black Mercedes convertible" this year.  Well, when she asked me to take her out shopping to buy mom "a shirt and pants," I inquired about the status of the Mercedes and she looked me straight in the eye and very seriously said "I'm still working on it - saving my paychecks."  Fair enough! 
Leanne loves to help with the grocery shopping.  I'm sure her eagerness to help has nothing to do with the fact that our grocery store has a Starbucks in it.

So we were off to buy my mom a nice outfit.  My mom specifically requested a sundress that she could wear this summer but Leanne was insistent on buying her "a shirt and pants".  When I wandered into the dress section and Leanne adamantly refused to thumb through the racks with me, I dialed my mom and put Leanne on the phone.  I only heard Leanne's side of the conversation which went like this "No, you're not getting a dress.  That's tacky!  I will buy you a shirt and pants.  I have a plan!" 

I tried to explain to my sister that a gift should be about what the recipient wants; not what the giver wants the recipient to have but Leanne wasn't buying it.  I even said "Leanne, your birthday is next.  What if I want to buy you a bunch of pantyhose for your birthday present?"  Leanne immediately crinkled up her nose and looked at me in horror as though I had threatened to lace her birthday cake with arsenic; then she realized where we were going with this, resumed a pleasant face, and said "That's ok.  You can buy me pantyhose if you want to.  It's whatever YOU want!" 

Oh Leanne! 

So I don't think it will come as a shock to my mom that in this box is...
...a shirt and pants!

 The rest of the visit was lovely and entertaining as it always is when Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are here.
Oh how I love this photo!

When it was time to leave, Leanne stalled as usual, telling my mom that she needed more time with Catfish with Ketchup.  Finally, she said her goodbyes, grabbed her Starbucks, and they hit the road.
But that wasn't the end of our exciting week of visitors.  Look who just happened to breeze into town on business - Papa!  Yes, Travis' Dad had some time before his meeting so he came by and had lunch with us.  Naturally, I put him to work feeding this little munchkin...
Josie was absolutely delighted to see her Papa.  She ate well, then showed off her dance moves, flaunted her standing skills, and delayed her nap time as long as possible so she could spend time with him.  Before he left, she demonstrated one of her latest and greatest tricks: she gave him a big, wet smooch on his cheek to thank him for visiting!

And just when it seemed like our week had gone off without a hitch, I received the following email from Leanne:

dear sister eliazabeth fry rice




my shampoo






down s











green peeppers

wheat bread

juice apple kiwil



helen birthday

to tromorrow

bowing alley


leanne me



Oh dear!  My mom tells me Leanne obsessed over forgetting her shampoo at our house for hours!  Poor Leanne.  Whatever will she do?  I guess when we see her next, she'll just have really dirty hair.  Oooh!  I feel an annoying little sister perfect teasing opportunity coming on here!  "Hey Leanne!  Why does your hair look so dirty?  I guess you haven't washed it since you were here last because you forgot your shampoo in the bathroom downstairs!  Yuck!  And I guess you'll never be able to wash it again because I used it all up!  Doesn't my hair look nice and clean?!" 
LOL!  I know, I know - I'm mean!  I've got nothing but love for you, Leanne!  


  1. Why do I end up with tears in my eyes each time I read your blog?

    Its full of love that's why.

  2. The pic of your sis & little Josie is precious. :)

  3. Sounds like one funny antic after another when Leanne is in town. Family is fabulous for love, laughter, and life. Spring is coming soon, Josie, and the quarantine will be over. Vitamin D, here you come!!

  4. Can I start an Aunt Leanne fan club? lol! She's awesome and her letters are always sure to make me smile! Oh, and little miss Josie is too cute for words!

  5. Oh my goodness, I just LOVE Leanne! She cracks me up! I wonder what she'll say if you do give her some pantyhose for her birthday!?:) Jimmy obsesses about birthdays and holidays too. He turned 24 in November and as soon as January came, he began telling me that his birthday was coming up.:) He will even change the months on our calendar trying to convince me that he's right!

  6. Why do I get the feeling that if Leanne put her mind to it, she could get that convertible?!

  7. Oh my goodness how my heart is SO FULL every time I read about your life thru your blog. You have amazing relationships with so many and Josie is lucky to have the family that she does, as I read every day how lucky you all are to have her. Beau-ti-FULL!.

  8. I love how Leanne interacts with Josie! Thanks for the weeks update, sounded like a fun one!!

  9. I so love these posts about Leanne. I obviously love hearing about Josie too, but I myself am a parent to a child with Ds and so it's your sibling perspective that is especially intriguing. My son, who has Ds is 4.5 and my daughter is almost 2. It's been so interesting to see their sibling relationship develop and it really, really makes me happy to read about your adult relationship with your sister. Please keep the stories coming!