Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

We hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend!  There's no better way to kick start summer than with an All-American Memorial Day BBQ like the one we enjoyed at Grammie Deb & Papa Verl's house!  It had all the elements of a perfect cook out including hamburgers, hot dogs, and an energetic, slightly sunburned, little boy in patriotic swim trunks showing off some impressive swan dives into an inflatable pool!
Josie impressed me tremendously by actually leaving her hat on for a change!

And she truly impressed Deb & Verl's daughter, Jonnikka, with this appetizing display of skills and abilities.  Charming, Josephine...absolutely charming :-/

Speaking of skills and abilities, would you check this out?!  He's a regular Michael Phelps in that murky haze of sunscreen and grass clippings! 

Josie was overjoyed to get showered with attention and hugs from this handsome little man.  Jonnikka's son, Grayson, was so sweet and gentle with our little diva!  We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors. 

In the true spirit of Memorial Day, we'd like to remember and honor those individuals who have given their all in service to our great nation.  Our gratitude abounds.

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  1. hahaha Josie's leg trick is cracking me up! Ollie loves her hands, but hasn't realized she has toes yet. I put her foot by her mouth the other day and she was ecstatic!