Monday, July 4, 2011

"Happy" Independence Day!

It's not everyday that we get to commemorate our great nation's birthday with a red, white, and blue photo shoot.  Around here, we take our photo shoots seriously.  A successful photo op is not a solo endeavor - it involves all hands on deck.  Thanks to some key players, the deck was definitely stacked in our favor today:

Stylish patriotic ensemble adorned with the cutest hair accessory compliments of Mama Hop's  dear friend, Ann - Check

Perfect Americana props artfully arranged to make the ideal backdrop compliments of Grammie Deb's front porch - Check

Cooperative baby in a freedom-lovin' mood...
...better luck next year.

"Happy" 4th of July!


  1. well, she is simply adorable in that outfit - pouty-face and all!

  2. I LOVE this so much, I am laughing out loud! What a sweet girl!

  3. Poor baby! The sunshine was bothering her eyes! :-)
    You really should think about making one of those personal calendars for 2012... wouldn't this be the perfect shot for the month of JULY? :-)

  4. She is so cute even when she isn't happy!

  5. Okay---this picture is driving me crazzzzzzzzzy---I just want to reach through the computer and sweep her up for a big squeeze...Bring on a happy picture!!!
    Sunnie in NC