Friday, November 11, 2011

Why everyone needs a big sister like Leanne

We've already established why everyone needs an Aunt Leanne, but here's why everyone needs a big sister like Leanne:

She starts her day by making my bed (voluntarily, mind you).
Then she grooms my daughter.
She entertains my daughter.
My daughter ADORES her!
She helps reorganize my childrens' closet
(which included numerous trips up and down the stairs).
She teaches my daughter about the importance of oral hygiene.
She reads to my daughter.
She cuddles my daughter.
And even at the end of an arduous day like that, she still has a smile on her face!

This doesn't even begin to address all of the things Leanne did - it's just the parts of the day I managed to photograph.  She loves to help!  I'd like to issue a huge thank you to both Aunt Leanne and Mama Hop for all being an integral part of keeping things going around here this week. 


  1. Loving the new pj's Leanne.

    Its decided, I definitely need a big sister Leanne... kinda hard when you're the eldest.

  2. Love the two by two photos. So precious and memories to treasure. I only wish I had an Aunt Leanne around here. Instead, I have to wait until my "manic" phase kicks in for things to get organized. Happy Weekend:)

  3. She can come over to my house ANY time!!! I'll feed her well, too :-)

  4. God Bless her! I want a little sister like Leanne:)

  5. I would trade any one of my sisters for a Leanne! She is just perfect and I need her help here too but it is chaos here and noisy so she may not appreciate it!

  6. Love!
    if you send her here to help out with Brooke and the rest of my brood I'd love it

  7. Wow, I could use me a Leanne sometimes! What a great help for you, and a great mentor for your baby girl!

  8. this is my favorite post :). love it <3

  9. Such a great help! Good job Leanne!