Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun with YaYa

The girls were in for a special treat when YaYa flew into town this weekend.  They enjoyed everything a good YaYa is known for: love, attention, fun times, and presents!
Josie had a great time opening her birthday gifts from YaYa and Papa.  YaYa keeps these girls decked out in stylish ensembles, complete with coordinating accessories.  Josie was thrilled to find bows, hats, and shoes to go with her new Spring/Summer wardrobe. 
We were fortunate to have gorgeous weather and we took full advantage of it by spending lots of time outdoors.  We even had two delicious meals prepared by Dad on his brand new grill - an MBA graduation gift from YaYa and Papa.  Josie especially enjoyed her grilled chicken and asparagus.
We even took a little stroll down to the park where the girls showed YaYa how the swing is the perfect size for two.  Josie even braved her first trip down the slide!
Josie also uttered her first three word phrase this weekend and I couldn't help but laugh...
Oh yes, Josie thinks she's beyond "cool" when she's sporting her shades.

Overall, we had a fantastic time with YaYa.  It was the perfect kick-off to Josie's birthday week.  Stay tuned for more fun times as we celebrate two years with our little diva!


  1. Diva dress up and double swinging - yes, Josie - you ARE too cool for school! :- )

  2. What fun! Too cool Miss J, too cool!

  3. I love the coordinating outfits! All with YaYa too. My mother in law tries to do that but its harder with 4 than it was with three. Beautiful memories.