Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easy Breezy Beautiful

As Leanne explained, she and Josie were selected to be featured in a calendar featuring models with Down syndrome (more on this later) and the photo shoot was last weekend in Chicago. 

It's not easy trying to accommodate two little ones in a hotel room...especially one without a bathtub:
Travis was extremely proud of his ingenuity when he laid Josie down for an afternoon nap on the sofa in our hotel room.  He bragged how he blocked her in with cushions and the pack n' play (that Merryn was snoozing in).  Later, I went around the corner to check on her and I found this...
I'm sure JoJo has had more comfortable naps in her day but she didn't seem excessively bothered. 

The real fun began when Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne arrived.  You know Leanne brings the party!
As Leanne explained in the video, we were very fortunate to be able to have dinner with our Aunt, Uncle, and cousins (and their cute kiddos) in the Rainforest Cafe.  We had a great time *excluding the part where Josie had a total meltdown rendering me unable to hear myself think - yet alone converse with family members - over her wails.  Perhaps she was a bit overstimulated.  That environment can be a lot to take in!  Besides, what kind of a two-year-old would she be if she actually let us enjoy a meal in a public place in peace?! 
I wish I would have been able to take more photos but I was having too much fun catching up with everyone (and trying to pacify my fussy children).

Merryn had her first experience with swimming in the hotel pool.  Is it me or does she look beyond adorable in that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini?!  Josie is a seasoned pro when it comes to swimming as she participated in baby swimming lessons last summer.  She was happy to showcase her skills for her baby sister.
Finally it was time for our photo shoot.  Leanne loved EVERY MINUTE of it!  She got up in front of the camera, proclaimed "Easy Breezy Beautiful - Cover Girl!" and immediately started voguing.  Meanwhile, Josie decided to crank up her fussiness quotient to maximum capacity.  With the help of a red gorilla who sings "Shout!" and a pair of sunglasses, she made it through the photo session and we hit the road!

We really enjoyed our Chicago adventure but it is great to be back home with a little more space to accommodate our busy family.  We'd like to send hugs and love to Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol, our cousins, and their families for making a point to spend time with us during our visit to their wonderful city.  We love you guys!  


  1. Love the easy breezy cover girls! What a fabulous weekend. Can't wait to see the calendar!
    Rainforest cafe is enough to send any child over the edge, I remember my niece hated it when she was young and refused to stay and eat. LOL

  2. Awesome!!!! Can't wait to hear what calendar! The swim suits were so cute and Josie and Leanne looked fantastic! Katie