Thursday, June 14, 2012

The White Eyelet Photo Shoot

I am a sucker for eyelet.  That's why when I found these white eyelet bubble rompers at Old Navy, I had to get one for each of my little ladies.  They looked so adorable in their matching ensembles that it mandated a photo shoot. 

Of course Josie had better things to do... pick her toes...

...steal her sister's headband...

 ...and point.  There was no shortage of pointing.

Hands up!  Has somebody been listening to Usher?  Only a couple hundred times a day!

Ok - you look this way and I'll look that way and let's make our best mug shot faces!

Apparently I don't feed my children enough so they must resort to eating ornamental grass.  Mmmm...tasty!

And just in case she hadn't made it abundantly clear that she did not want to participate in this photo shoot by sporting her "this is a waste of my time" face in 99% of the photos, Josie came up with a whole new way to sabotage my pictures:
What is that?!?!?  Nothing complements dainty white eyelet like a one-eyed goober grin.  Nice, Josie.  Very nice.

In her defense, the photo shoot took place at the end of a long and arduous day for Miss Josephine.  Our little diva knocked our socks off during treadmill therapy this morning by walking over thirty steps on the treadmill WITHOUT A HARNESS!  Woooooooo Hooooo!!!!  You go girl! 
Be sure to tune in again soon because Aunt Leanne will be rolling into town tomorrow.  She and Mama Hop have a busy weekend of babysitting ahead of them.  Let the adventures begin!


  1. I'm a sucker for Old Navy tot clothes, period! The outfits are cute but then so are your girls! Does Josie walk on the treadmill? V turns into a noodle on for treadmill therapy.

  2. At least there was no meltdown crying for your photo shoot this time right? And her pirate eye is awfully cute.

    Hooray for 30 steps!!!!

  3. Super cute! Love the one eyed smile!

  4. When she's on the treadmill, they should play that song "I'd Walk 500 miles for you, then I'd walk 500 more!"
    Yeah for 30 steps!! She's almost ready to be Merryn's caboose on that walker!