Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's a big weekend around here...

Ten years ago, on August 3rd, Travis & I skipped our college graduation ceremony.  Why would you want to wear a cap and gown when you could wear a wedding dress instead? 
We still got our diplomas but we got so much more.  With each year that passes, I am increasingly grateful that I have my best friend by my side on this crazy journey as we continue to build a life together and pursue our dreams.

One year ago, on August 3rd, one of those dreams came within reach when I went into labor with this little cherub:
Tomorrow, at 2:34am, she will turn one year old. 

And you know what that's time to party!

Guess who received top billing on the guest list:
That's right!  It's an eventful weekend around here.  So much to be thankful for! 

Happy 10th Anniversary, Travis.  I love you!

Happy almost birthday, little Merry-go-round!  Let's party!!!


  1. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to you and Travis!
    An early Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Merryn.

  2. Happy 10th and happy birthday to Merryn!

  3. happy anniversary and happy birthday to merryn!! so many little ones in the Ds family have 1st birthdays coming up. charlie celebrates his on the 12th!

  4. Happy all-around! Enjoy your celebrations!

  5. YEAHH!!! Happy Anniversary and I am toasting to you guys to many more with a bite of pancake!!lolol and happy happy birthday to Merryn!!! Woohoo!!