Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yesterday we found ourselves at the pediatrician's office.  After a couple of very restless nights, the culprit was identified: the good ol' ear infection.
 Ear infections are no fun; especially at night.  Normally we have a strict "Everybody sleeps in their own bed" policy around here, but last night mom and dad's bed became a heaping pile of misery and congestion.
 We need to have a little chat with Merryn about "personal space" - she'd much rather be on top of Josie.

Achy Ears + Noses dripping like faucets...
+ teething (x 2) = sheer misery
But we won't let a little earwax and snot get us down!
Oh heck no!  Snot is no match for this face!
With the support of good friends like Elmo...
...and phone calls from concerned R&B stars...

...we're going to be just fine!


  1. Hoping all of you feel better soon, we are a bunch of sickies here too, yuck!

  2. So sorry they are both under the weather. Hope everyone is feeling better asap!