Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012: We saved the best for last

While compiling the photos for the 2012 Christmas slide show, I came across a few that were too good to get lost in a slide show. 
The first series celebrates one of the most important facets of the holiday season - gathering together with family and basking in the love.  There are few bonds as special as the one shared between sisters.  Merryn and Josie have a beautiful rapport that is enhanced by the fact that they are so close in age and have many common interests; like Poke-a-Dot books:
* I'm going to start by apologizing for the blurriness plaguing the following sequence of photos. It's hard to get a sharp image when the photographer is wetting her pants with laughter.
Perhaps the brightest part (literally) of Christmas 2012 was when Mama Hop emerged ready for a night of clubbing in Vegas mass, in this sequin explosion:
You never know what you're going to find while shopping at Liberace's garage sale.  Mama Hop was so excited about these dazzling duds that she purchased the top in an XL because that was the only one they had left.  I immediately requested that she pose for a photo so that her unparalleled panache would be forever preserved.
 Leanne, however, was not impressed by Mama Hop's swagger, so she stepped in to offer some expert coaching:
 While Leanne makes it look easy, Mama Hop soon discovered that creating the perfect photo op is anything but.  It requires skill, focus, concentration, and lots of practice.
 Lots and LOTS of practice!
 There is no doubt that if this dog biscuit empire ever folds, Leanne has a real future as a modeling coach.
 Mama Hop, however, may have to find another line of work.


  1. What are poke=a-dot books?

    You have a fun family.

    1. They are counting books with raised buttons that pop kind of like bubble wrap:

      Both girls LOVE them!

  2. their relationship reminds me very much of charlie and rachel lately. oh, the drama.

  3. I almost always find myself laughing heartily after reading your blog. This one did not disappoint and I can understand why you were probably wetting your pants. Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are hilarious!

  4. That is fabulous! Love it! Oh we had the same scenario with the girls here that you had.

  5. This is awesome! Love all the photos. I was cracking up.

  6. Hilarious! You have a great family.