Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aunt Leanne and the firm never

Another fun-filled visit from Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne has come to a close and we are so glad that they made time to come see us.  It was really nice to have at least one day of mild weather so that we could enjoy the outdoors at our favorite park (when is Spring coming to stay?! Enough winter already!).
Mama Hop indulged us with her delicious homemade cuisine, and I indulged them with my scrumptious frozen fish sticks a la Schwan's Home Delivery (talk about an emotional goodbye with the Schwan's man...).  Leanne was kind enough to accompany me in taking the girls to the pediatrician for one last check-up prior to our departure.  She kept the girls entertained with some lively song and dance routines while we waited.
Leanne also humored me by participating in yet another photo shoot.  There was lots of goofiness, as illustrated above.
Last night, Aunt Leanne benevolently agreed to babysit the girls (with a little help from our treasured Megan) so that Mama Hop and I could go out to dinner.  In true Aunt Leanne fashion, I got a brutally honest report on my childrens' (mis)behavior while I was gone.  One child got an A+ while the other one was the recipient of the dreaded F+. 
It's been mentioned that oral hygiene is one of Leanne's foremost priorities and failure to adhere to a rigid dental maintenance regimen is a major offense in Leanne's book.  So when Josie decided to showcase her stubborn streak during her pre-bed teeth brushing, her beloved Auntie was not amused.  And it's not like Aunt Leanne can relate to this whole stubborn phenomenon.  Apparently her extra chromosome didn't come with any "stubborn".  Uh huh...

After a strict lecture this morning, JoJo was forgiven.  The divas had one final hug/squeeze/I love you/I pray for you session, and Aunt Leanne and Mama Hop drove off into the rain while two sets of big, blue eyes watched through the window.
While the big move is just around the corner, we have one more visit with Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne on the horizon.  This time, it's going to be on their turf, which should be particularly amusing as we haul two toddlers into Mama Hop's domestic gallery of breakable treasures.  Be sure to tune in for that one!


  1. I laughed out loud with Leanne's firm never! That's actually very good! But oh those last photos make me want to cry!

  2. Words cannot express my gratitude for these posts. My heart just bursts at ALL of the wonderful relationships here. The wisdom of your journey and Cindy and Beth's journey never cease to amaze me. You all truly fill my heart with the best kinds of hope.

  3. Oh Leanne, you crack me up! And you are the best babysitter ever! Love you guys :)

  4. Those pics at the window melted my heart. I am sure you are sad that the big move is coming close.
    Maybe you could bubble wrap the girls for the gallery visit. LOL

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  6. Brillant! Love Aunt Leanne. Tell her she has some fans over in England! :)

  7. I love Leanne. That video made my whole day.