Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aunt Leanne's Summer Visit: Part 1

As with all of Aunt Leanne's visits, this one was so full of entertainment it will have to span at least 4 blog posts!  Let's get started...
It was Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne's first visit to this new residence of ours.  We were so excited to be reunited.
 And if the importance of the bond between Leanne and Josie wasn't evident before, seeing those two reunited definitely demonstrated how special their connection is:
 Of course Mama Hop would never show up empty-handed.  She brought some really fun gifts for both girls.
And even though Merryn got her own gifts, she was still much more interested in what her sister received.  Anyone with a sibling can relate to this concept!
 Those Divas got down to business doing their "Diva" thing
 And as always, Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne jumped right in and took over all the important childcare duties around here like feeding, bathing, and bedtime stories.
 Since we knew they were in such competent hands, Travis and I left the girls in the care of their grandma and aunt while we took a little road trip to Ikea to acquire some furnishings for the new condo.  It's been awhile since we were able to get away without children so we really appreciated Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne taking over all the duties on the home front.
 And you know the World's Best Babysitter doesn't work for free.  No way!  Girlfriend expects "the tips" so we obliged in the form of umbrella straws.  Leanne likes to add that kind of tropical fanciness to her daily beverages:
 The following photos may be familiar to Instagram followers but we figured we'd share them with the blogosphere, too:
Stay tuned for more photos and anecdotes from our visit with Mama Hop including a classic "Aunt Leanne story" that will undoubtedly make the "Aunt Leanne" tab at the top.  That is, if I can muster my nerve to post it.  Oh yeah, it's that bad.


  1. Oh please, I really need to read a new classic "Aunt Leanne story." Besides, you posted those pictures of you and Crafty Dad with the big red lips. : ) I didn't know umbrella straws existed.

  2. Love this post, so sweet. And thanks for sharing Instagram things with us NON-instagram, uncool peeps. Lol

  3. You have the most amazingly adorable family! And your pictures are to die for :).

  4. Waiting on the edge of my seat for the new story! Love the umbrella straws. Glad you and T got some alone time while the girls were smothered in adoration from your mom and sis.

  5. Your so Blessed with such a great family. Can't wait for Aunt Leanne video! She really makes my day!

  6. I didn't know about umbrella straws but will definitely have to find some, Claire would love them!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us bloggers! Looks like everyone is having fun!