Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Independent AND Pretty

Josie's aversion to gross motor activities has been well-documented on the blog.  This is her biggest area of delay.  Josie neither runs nor jumps nor climbs, even though these are things that come easily to most 3 and a half year-olds.  Josie lacks both the skills AND the inclination to attempt such activities which is why she whines and moans and complains throughout her twice-weekly physical therapy sessions.  If it were up to Josie, we'd just leave her the heck alone and let her sit in one spot all day.  If it were up to Josie, we would lift and carry her as often as necessary in order to prevent her from having to attempt to do anything beyond walking on a perfectly smooth, flat surface.

The one tiny problem with Josie's agenda is that girlfriend is tipping the scales at a whopping 30+ lbs and growing...and all of this lifting and carrying is making my back cry out for mercy!  So we continue to cheer her through those dreaded physical therapy sessions and we encourage her to keep on trying to tackle gross motor challenges that she'd rather avoid.  Fortunately, Josie has a really handy Dad who has made some awesome adaptations (click HERE) to our home to help facilitate this process.
 Travis recently adapted our treadmill AGAIN.  You see, we thought that since Josie learned to walk, she had graduated from treadmill therapy.  Josie's drill sergeant physical therapist, Shannon, informed us that we were mistaken.  Shannon (who is wonderful, by the way) explained that Josie's gait and pace could benefit from more treadmill therapy and so Travis got out his tools and he went to work enhancing our treadmill with a bench, little-kid-height handles, and even a platform for Josie's personal trainer, Piña Colada (or Elmo, or Clap Your Hands, or whatever beloved singing animal it happens to be that day).
When Josie started treadmill therapy back in April of 2012, her standard pace was 0.5 mph.  Lately, Shannon has worked her up to a brisk 0.9 mph for 10 minutes!!!

And it looks like all of this physical therapy is paying off because Josie has experienced some significant gross motor gains recently!  The little girl who does not climb - she doesn't go up and down stairs nor has she ever even attempted to climb on the sofa - recently learned to climb into her chair at the table.  Pardon my shrieking in the video - I was just beside myself witnessing an event that just seemed so improbable not too long ago.  In fact, as soon as she did it, I pulled her back out of her chair and insisted she do it again so I could get proof on film to email to her dad at work! 

And the second clip, well, that's just funny.  Miss Independent learned to climb up on her step stool at the sink so she can wash her hands...and admire herself in the mirror:

We place great emphasis on the word "independent" around here.  The girls are encouraged to do things "independently" and they take great pride when that adverb can be applied to any task.  Josie wants the world to know that she's a double threat:
(This makes sense if you watch the video)

Where does she come up with this stuff???  I've said it before and I'll say it again; she definitely inherited Aunt Leanne's sense of humility.


  1. Yay Josie! Is Travis for hire? He is amazing!

  2. I love it! Independent AND pretty!! So sweet!

  3. I think how well she speaks is an amazing blessing! My girls do not struggle with motor skills but they struggle with speech. Josie is so adorable!

  4. I was just going to ask the same thing as Jenni!

  5. Your adaptations has encouraged me to have my dad (my husband is NOT mechanically inclined) to help put together stuff for Teagan. Keep up the good work Travis and keep the pictures going!

  6. My heart is just bursting. Josie is doing so well! She is a true Cover Girl--independent and pretty.