Friday, November 29, 2013

Technical difficulties or a super romantic Christmas gift?

 This morning, I woke up super early and was greeted by a text from my mother saying that her friend, Ann, is waiting on a blog post.  Perfect timing!  My husband and children are sound asleep, the house is quiet, and I have a couple of interruption-free hours before the family frenzy swings into full gear.  I headed towards the office and was greeted by this unsightly disaster:
Yes, friends, this is a casualty of having a computer geek for a husband.  I can't exactly explain what is happening in these photos but I can say that my computer is open and there are small circuit boards (I think that's what they are called - I could certainly be wrong) on my husband's desk.  When I first met my husband, I encountered a sight similar to this one on the floor of his parents' home office.  He said "Don't mind that.  I'm working on the computer".  I remember thinking 'Huh?!  What would possibly possess someone to open up the computer and dismantle it?  Who does that?!'  Here we sit, 14 years later, and I am just used to it.  I am guessing this is his Christmas gift to me...last I knew he was pondering a couple of super romantic options including a computer upgrade or a remote starter for my car.  Stop swooning ladies, he's taken.
Not knowing when I would have such beautiful, uninterrupted silence for blogging again, I decided to help myself to his computer.  He hates when I do that.  I even uploaded photos onto his computer.  I'm skating on thin ice here, folks.  I stopped short of installing photo editing software on his PC, because installing anything on his computer is strictly forbidden.  I'm talking a marriage deal-breaker.
So I reluctantly used some free online photo editing software to throw together the following pathetic pictorial of our day yesterday just to hold you over until I can access my computer again.
Mama Hop hosted a lovely Thanksgiving meal.  We were joined by her beloved cousin, John Perry, his wife, Jan, and their son - better known as "Godfather".  As a testimony to the level of her faith in my culinary aptitude, my mother assigned me to make the fruit salad.  I was moved by her vote of confidence in my ability to successfully cut up fruit (even though I still had to Google it - shhhhh!  Don't tell!).  To further demonstrate my kitchen competency, I even dropped a bottle of cabernet in my mom's driveway, forcing everyone to walk across broken glass and have a teetotaling Thanksgiving.  No wonder Bon Appétit magazine keeps nagging me to write a gourmet cuisine and entertaining column.
Ah but beverage blunders notwithstanding, we had a wonderful time.  I've got so much more to tell you about my mom and sister's visit and I'm even going to try to get Leanne over here to do a guest blog post if we can navigate our current technical uncertainties.  But for now, I must get my chubby buns on the treadmill and work off some of yesterday's overindulgence.  More fun stuff to out!


  1. The kids at my house ate at the same little white table! We ate like pigs at my house… I did the turkey and everything.

  2. Love the little ones at their own tiny table!

  3. Adorable post!
    Happy & healthy Thanksgiving


  4. Looks like a good ime had by all! Your fruit salad is beautiful, I love how it's all cut in the same size cubes. The color combo works well with the dish ! lol Good job.