Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aunt Leanne Names the Baby

Aunt Leanne has three and half years of experience at this aunt job and she thinks she's quite the authority on the subject of babies.  For as long as I can remember, she's been very interested in babies and children.  She's always fussing over babies in church and at the grocery store.  She just can't help herself.
Aunt Leanne and newborn Josie

Without needing anyone's permission, Leanne scoops up my children and nurtures them with full entitlement.  She never hesitates to offer her input on parenting either ("F+.  You should put her in time out FOREVER!").  

During their last visit, my mom and Leanne were walking out the door one afternoon and Leanne looks me right in the eye and very seriously proclaims "Elizabeth, I want you to know that I support you in this (gestures to my stomach).  I am here for you.  You have my support"

My mom and I just exchanged confuses glances like 'Huh?!  Where did that come from?'  It was so random!  I felt like an unwed teenager who was seeking approval!  But I couldn't help but giggle and say "Thanks, Leanne."  It was a very kind albeit strange statement but Leanne's unpredictability and candor are among her best qualities!
Aunt Leanne and newborn Merryn (notice the absence of my mom's hoovering arms the second time around.  LOL!  Leanne will probably carry baby #3 around in her backpack and no one will notice)

With the same entitlement and authority that Leanne grants her support for this third pregnancy, she also has taken the liberty of naming baby number 3 (Pardon the background noise - we were in Starbucks):

My favorite part is how if Travis doesn't like that suggestion, Leanne will choose a different one.  So I guess he has veto power but no jurisdiction over actually coming up with a name for his own child.

We actually do have a name selected if it's a boy.  But Leanne doesn't like this name because it's a family name, hence, it's already "taken".  That's why she plays the Aunt Leanne trump card.  Something tells me even if it IS a boy, and even if we DO use the name we've selected, Aunt Leanne will call him whatever she wants to - just like she does with the other kids!

As for girl names, Leanne likes "Suzy"...That's a lovely suggestion but we're still receptive to others.  Merryn thinks the baby should be called "Baby Bottle" and Josie thinks the baby should be called "Taylor Swift".  Um, the jury is still out!


  1. Okay, I'm sorry,but you owe me a new lap top, I just sprayed my latte all over my keyboard and almost choked to death!! R U Kidding Me? I think this is #1!! She is a HOOT! Oh God Love Aunt Leanne. Oh wait, can Travis fix my computer? LOL LOL

  2. Bless you & your blessed life..
    Leanne is a hoot, wish she was in my family!


  3. Okay, it's settled - Suzy Baby Swift. Just go for a combo! Lol

  4. DYING! I love it!! What's wrong with Jesus Elizabeth??? lol!!!

  5. Now that's a name that sets some serious expectations for a kid! Love it!

  6. Oh Jesus would be a great name. hahaha. Love Leanne!

  7. haha @ in a backpack #3rdbabysyndrome. lol

    Its like those Luvs commercials on tv that show 1st baby vs 2nd baby scenarios.

    lol I'm with Josie, Taylor could work....its unisex.

  8. jajajajaja... "If Travis doesn't like it I can pick another name" LOL!!! I love her personality!

  9. Congratulations! I'll be looking forward to the arrival of your third blessing.