Thursday, April 3, 2014

Josie's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Josie kicked off her birthday weekend with a visit from Travis' parents, YaYa and Papa!  They didn't want to miss a chance to see our newly minted 4 year-old's face light up when she witnessed the magnificent surprise we had in store for her...
 Enormous singing animals!!!! 
That's right, folks.  It only took a short drive across town to our local Chuck E Cheese to elicit this if-I'm-dreaming-please-don't-wake-me-up kind of excitement. 
 It was full-on Beatlemania!  Well, Beatlemania minus the screaming, crying, hair-pulling, and fainting. 
But the smiles were plentiful and the joy was abundant.  Josie even yelled out requests - requests which fell on unresponsive mechanical ears.  But Josie didn't mind.  She was delighted with the cheesy 80's tunes that I vaguely remember from my childhood excursions to Chuck E Cheese.
Dad managed to drag our little Birthday Diva away from the stage for a little while to play some games.  You know, because no one enjoys the intense thrill of a setting a personal skee ball record like a toddler. 

 Dad was clearly bored stiff but he played along and humored his girls because after all, it was Josie's birthday celebration. 
And what's a trip to Chuck E Cheese without indulging in a feast of their gourmet pizza and delectable salad bar?! 
 Ah but an hour and a half was about as much fun as this family could handle.  It was time to head home and open presents! 
 And what's a birthday celebration without a little cake?!  There's really no better reason to disregard your table manners and dig in, right ladies?!
But Josie's favorite part - hands down - garnered a reaction so epically gleeful that we repeated it three times.  Guess what it was... the singing!  I've never seen this child's eyes light up like when our little family began serenading her in unison to the classic "Happy Birthday to you". 
We all knew she was a music lover.  We sing to her all the time.  But this particular moment, where the whole world stopped and everyone in the room focused on Josie and united our voices in was unforgettable!
 We had so much fun celebrating Josie's birthday weekend that we started planning the next birthday.  Guess who the next birthday girl will be...
 No, not Merryn!  It's this little girl in mama's belly!  Hard to believe we're less than 2 months away.  The countdown is on! 
Speaking of countdowns, on Tuesday, we kissed YaYa and Papa goodbye and excitedly talked about how we'd see them again very soon! 
And as if the countdowns to the new baby's arrival, and our reunion with YaYa and Papa don't provide enough to look forward to, we've got one more exciting countdown happening...
That's right!  Aunt Leanne will be gracing us with her presence in 4 short days.  We can't wait!!!


  1. Love the picture of her looking up at the electronic, uh, puppets? And singing the Happy Birthday song?! Such a precious smile!

  2. Thank you for this! Happy Birthday Josie!!!

  3. Haha. My husband toughed it out and rode go karts in Pigeon Forge "for the kids." :) Love that first pic of Josie alone with her hands together!!!

  4. Birthday Blessing Sweet Josie!! Many many more!

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