Sunday, October 18, 2015

Aunt Leanne, Toast With Butter, and Other Birthday Essentials

Greetings Blogosphere Friends!  You were left hanging with that Aunt Leanne post but we have not forgotten.  It's just that 4 out of 5 family members fell ill this past week in a scenario that was eerily similar to last winter (click HERE) so the Chief Blogger in the house has switched gears to being Chief Infirmary Operator.  But before all this happened, photos from my birthday weekend were edited and uploaded so it would be doing an unforgivable disservice to these cute kiddos not to share their faces with the world...not to mention Aunt Leanne.  The world needs more Aunt Leanne.  Let's get to it:
The morning of my birthday, I was able to indulge in a few of my favorite things: showering and applying makeup in peace while Travis supervised the children, a little drive in the country, and opportunity to photograph my three favorite kiddos in their coordinated outfits among a backdrop of beautiful fall leaves.  Lydia is at the age where sitting still is NOT an option.  
However, I managed to get some sweet shots of the other two.

And often times, the unposed moments make the best photos.
As soon as we returned home from our little drive, we were greeted by Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne.  Josie was flailing, desperate to be freed from her car seat, yelling "Aunt Leanne!  Aunt Leanne!"  I'm pretty sure my big sister gets that kind of reception everywhere she goes - and rightfully so!  But she was as thrilled to be sharing her weekend with us as we were to have her.
Aunt Leanne got cozy in her infamous purple robe (really, there's no story here.  Leanne just has an extraordinary attachment to this particular housecoat.  The purple robe is to Leanne what the pink glasses are to Josie: a signature look, indeed).  Then she got down to business spending quality time with her beloved nieces.
Mama Hop showed up with an agenda of her own: to help Merryn with her penmanship.  Pinot Grigio in hand, she requested paper, a ruler, and a Sharpie, and she showed off her hidden talent of creating custom handwriting paper.  Because that's what happens when your grandma is a retired teacher.  And you guys wonder where "Tiger Mom" (yours truly) gets it.
Come on, Merryn.  This WILL be covered on your SAT's.  Focus!
...and more practice the next day...and the day after that...Merryn, how do you expect to pass your medical boards if you can't make a proper lowercase "d"?!  
But it turns out that Merryn has even better penmanship skills than we realized because it was Merryn who did the lettering on my cake!  Anyone who has ever attempted to write using a tube of icing can testify to the fact that this is no easy task!  You go girl!  Best cake ever! 
A special (and rather funny) tradition is beginning with Mama Hop.  We can it "Toast with Butter."  You see, Mama Hop was the one who first introduced the girls to this fine delicacy and from then on, they were hooked!  Now it has become an expectation.  So in the morning, the girls filed downstairs and sat at the counter in anxious anticipation of a culinary creation so indulgent and rare, that they have to wait for a visit with Mama Hop to have it.
With a face like that, she should really star in a "Toast with Butter" commercial!
Did someone say they are hiring a "Toast with Butter" spokesperson?  Move over, Lydia!  Mmmmm...Delicious!
This photo tickled me because of the inadvertent descending slope by size.  This is the only place Leanne will ever seem tall!  
The morning of their departure, Leanne led Josie upstairs and helped her get dressed.
Never has there been a more doting an helpful auntie.
Thank you for the wonderful birthday celebration, Ladies.  Come again soon!

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