Friday, February 19, 2016

Disability to Possibility Conference

I promise a more thorough blog post when I'm in front of my computer but for now, the update is that Josie has been hospitalized with RSV/Pneumonia.  She was brought here in respiratory distress on Wednesday.  Prayers are truly appreciated. 

Before that happened, I was very excited to be traveling to Springfield, Illinois to speak at the "Disability to Possibility" conference tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately, my weekend plans have changed. 

With two days notice, Courtney Westlake, of Blessed by Brenna benevolently agreed to fill in for me.  She is a phenomenal mother, author, and special needs advocate and I would strongly encourage everyone in central Illinois  to attend.  And when you do, please give her a great big hug from me and tell her that I am so grateful to her for doing this! 
Added bonus: there may even be a Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne sighting at the conference! 

To register for this FREE conference, please follow the link below:


  1. OH man! I wish i had known about the conference. I would have loved the opportunity to meet you and/or your replacement. I follow both blogs.

  2. I won a free copy of the children's book Courtney writes a couple years back. She is a great blogger, and I loved following Brenna's journey from super sick to super sassy! :) Hope Josie is on the mend ASAP!

  3. Sending positive thoughts that Josie improves quickly.