Monday, March 28, 2016

Josie's 6th Birthday

Six years!  Would you believe we've been blessed by this little wonder for six years now?!  
The song accompanying the customary birthday slide show is one of her current favorites: "I met a girl" by Sam Hunt.  It's even more special in light of the fact that Travis created custom lyrics for Josie.  He started singing over the song on a recent road trip and I was roaring with laughter and incredibly impressed by his creativity.  If I could have talked him into singing it for the world, I would have.  Something about "I met a girl with velcro shoes and pink glasses..." It mentioned singing animals and seated dancing and all of the signature elements we love about Josie.

Josie, you illuminate our days with your smile and affection.  Our lives are enriched by your perspective on the world.  You are the most joyous of blessings and we are so grateful to celebrate six years with you.  Happy Birthday!


  1. That slide show was precious!! Happy Birthday Josie!!

  2. "She don't need the glitter of the Vegas lights"
    "She crossed the street/she crossed my heart" and the Travis version is wonderful.

    Saw Aunty Leanne do Josie's hair and just be together.

    And all the great shots with water and friends.

    "She bit her lip/she let me up"

    Thank you Josie "for changing our whole world" for the past 6 years [3 of them I've actively known her].

    And the globe pic and the shopping cart/trolley and the bubbles.

    Was that Merryn on the stairs?

  3. Oh my goodness she's getting so big! She's a lovely girl.

  4. A wonderful year! Happy Birthday Josie!