Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017: A Collection of Photos That Will Never Be Displayed In Our Home

Having lovely photos of these three girls dressed in coordinating, holiday-themed attire, is one of the most wonderful things about any given holiday around here.  Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to crank up the feminine and frilly quotient and celebrate the sisterly love.  So we rushed to get ready quickly that morning so that we would have a few moments to spare to capture the spirit of Valentine's Day with a sweet photo before it was time to head to school.

Um...I've seen photos of hard-core rappers on the covers of albums that exude more warmth and approachability than Josie is giving us in this photo.

 The warm embrace I envisioned turned into a head lock...
 The sisterly love is truly palpable, isn't it?
And like any toddler, Biddy demonstrates the patience and attention span of a fruit fly.  She bailed.
 It was time to take the girls to school so when Biddy and I returned home, we decided to try again with a backdrop.  Apparently my vision of an adorable Valentine's Day cherub clashed with Biddy's vision of a slick used car salesman...
 Once again, Biddy's interest in abandoning the toddler 'tude and coorperating equated to Donald Trump's interest in abandoning Twitter and keeping his mouth shut, and she was gone...After school, I picked up the girls all excited to give it one more try.  But as soon as they got in the car, I realized Eros had missed the mark and no one was in the mood for my Mamarazzi runaround.  That, and the perfectly coiffed princesses I sent to school that morning returned looking like ragamuffins.  Ketchup stains on one, avocado stains on the other, and don't even get me started on the status of the hair.  Vidal Sassoon just rolled over in his grave.  But I didn't come this far to give up!

"Come on, Josie!  Look alive!  Sit up straight!  Smile!!!!"
 "No, no, no!  Don't do that because you'll knock over the..."
(insert audible, frustrated sigh here) 

"Yeah, Lydia...
 ...tell me about it, Girlfriend.  Welcome to motherhood."
That pretty much sums it up!  We hope all of our readers had a terrific Valentine's Day filled with love and chocolate.  If not, follow my lead and pour yourself a generous glass of red wine!