Thursday, March 23, 2017

For Ms. Tickles...

Dear Ms. Tickles (Josie's nickname for her associate who always "stalks the blog" when Josie goes missing from school), 

Greetings from the infirmary located between Mom & Dad's nightstand and the wall.  Josie received a Strep diagnosis a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, the situation declined.  In the wee hours of morning, I awoke to the unusual sound of Josie whimpering.  She had a temperature of 105.  I called the pediatrician on call and followed her instructions.  This morning, we went into the office to be examined.
One blood draw, chest x-ray, nebulizer treatment, and mucous sample later, we were able to bring Josie home with some stronger antibiotics designed to stave off pneumonia.  We have a nebulizer and a pulse oximeter at home so we can keep an eye on her.  We certainly don't want a repeat of last year (CLICK HERE).  

This afternoon has consisted of a big cuddle and movie fest on the sofa.  That is, until a spike in temperature and a lap full of vomit put a damper on our snuggle session.  After a lukewarm bath, some Pedialyte, more ibuprofen, antibiotic, and some fresh pajamas, Josie seems to have perked up.  

Josie will sleep in her special sick spot where Mom can pop up at a moment's notice within the night, and catch vomit in the barf bowl better than Willie Mays in his prime!  (Confession: I had to enlist in Travis' help to make this metaphor work).  Gotta go - Adele's "Hello" came on and Josie just can't help herself from belting.  I better have my bucket ready in case those high notes trigger an episode! 

We appreciate any and all prayers for Josie's continued improvement.  We certainly don't need a repeat of last year's hospital siesta.  We'll keep you posted.
(Inside joke alert: Somehow the "W" from this puzzle mysteriously went missing).

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