Monday, December 4, 2017

Curing Down Syndrome and Other Random Rumblings...

Hello Blogosphere Friends!  We've been meaning to check in with you for awhile now but you know how it  You get it.  

Four Random Rumblings
1.  Mr. Technology (A.K.A. Travis/Dad) got me a new laptop.  So nice, right?  And in an attempt to upgrade my photo editing game, he replaced my old photo editing software with Adobe Photoshop.  After spending the last HOUR spewing profanity, stomach in knots, near tears, I will leave you with two grainy images and a promise to learn more...with all my spare time.  Mmmm Hmmm...
2.  Adoption Awareness Month was November and I failed to acknowledge it.  Quite frankly, that is telling of how often adoption crosses my mind.  Yes, 1/3 of my children is adopted.  That adoption happened 7 years ago and on a day to day basis, I don't even think about it.  It's not a secret - everyone knows - even the kids.  Josie and Lydia don't really "get it" but it's discussed openly with Merryn in a very nonchalant way.  It goes something like this, "Yes, Josie is adopted.  It means she grew in another mom's belly and she came home with us."  She accepts that for now.  As she gets older, if she asks more questions, we will answer them honestly and nonchalantly.  But the bottom line is that Josie is our daughter.  She is Merryn & Lydia's sister.  And she fits in so seamlessly because families are created in many different ways but they're united by the same love.
3.  Thanksgiving at Mama Hop's house was wonderful.  She is a gifted hostess and nurturer.  Everyone had a lovely time.  Unfortunately, I got sick and that ended our visit early.  I would love to upload more photos from that visit but that's a TBD for now (see number 1 above).

4.  I have made a conscientious decision to avoid Facebook.  I know, I know...sing it's praises all you want.  You won't change my mind.  A consequence of this stance is that I'm often out of the loop (did I mention that I rarely turn the TV on either?).  Fortunately for me, I have some great friends who weed through the noise on Facebook and send me articles that are of interest to me.  This morning, I received a link to this article:

Cure for Down syndrome promised with just a single injection.

Deanna sure knows how to get me to blog.  Long time readers can probably guess my stance on this topic.  Heck, my life pretty much defines my stance on this topic.  These Chinese researchers are terribly misguided as they're pursuing a way to eliminate something that has bestowed the most abundant beauty upon my life.  Every day, I get to see Josie affect people in the most magical way.  Faces light up with joy, time slows down, and superficial concerns come to a halt as Josie gleefully dances with her shadow, sings whatever song is on her mind and generously doles out hugs.  

Josie's world contains no rat race, no insecurities, no comparisons, no materialism, and no facades.  Josie is 100% Josie at all times.  People are drawn to that.  People have a lot to learn from Josie.  I've been a student on Leanne's journey my whole life and I am still awestruck by how profound her impact is.  

I could go on and on but other responsibilities are calling.  If you'd like to read more of my perspective on this topic, there are 7 years of blog archives right here on Confessions of the Chromosomally Enhanced.  Thanks for tuning in.  Please bear with me as I figure out this Adobe Photoshop craziness.  We will return soon!


  1. I can't believe how grown up Merryn looks in the Thanksgiving photo! Maybe it's the glasses??? I don't have fb anymore. I did for a whole year, and I got rid of it. When I sign into my mom's account to check something if need be, I always end up feeling irritated with the things I"ve had to see while on. lol I am in the dark about a lot of things due to not having one, too. Oh well!

  2. I find I'm getting on Facebook less and less. IG is more fun! Your pictures have always been amazing and I'm sure Adobe Photoshop is going to make them stunning! Have fun creating!

  3. E:

    will be very interested in your Photoshop journey.

    24 years ago I took that Photoshop leap when it came to desktop publishing and graphic design. And photography of course!

  4. I've followed your blog since Josie was a baby, and was miraculously blessed with my own child who has Down Syndrome in 2016 (@extraevielove). I was sad the other day thinking about how when our family is together in Heaven, my daughter may not be who I know and love here on Earth because her condition is considered an "abnormality". But my husband said he believes that we'll actually all be MORE like our daughter - kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, loving, pure in spirit. What an awesome thought that is! My image of Heaven just got a little brighter ;)