Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer of 2018: The Untold Story Part 2

There I was, 350 miles away from home where my mom was hospitalized for a second surgery, while my sister was hospitalized with facial cellulitis - an infection that can cause vision loss and even death if left untreated.  Thankfully, Travis' parents were able to stay with the girls so Travis could visit Leanne at the hospital morning and night.  God bless all of them for acting quickly and working together to ensure that everyone received lots of love and care.

And to everyone who has commended me for holding up so well this summer, I could not have done it without my incredible support system.  But I've had my moments - trust me.  Nothing can break a Type-A,neurotic, control freak like the feeling helplessness that comes with having two of your loved ones very ill.
However, the reoccurring theme that persists throughout all of the trials that we encountered is the triumph of the human spirit and the beauty that shines in times of darkness.  While caring for my mom prevented me from being present during Leanne's hospitalization, she was surrounded by visitors - friends and neighbors who showered her with magazines, puzzle books, and lots of Frappucinos.  What wonderful, caring people - these gestures meant the world to us.  
Leanne was so loved and catered to by hospital staff that she told Travis that she didn't want to come home.  She enjoyed the attention and "room service" with an unlimited menu to choose from.  Ha!  Cheeseburgers and chocolate cake at the push of a call button!  One CNA was so crazy about Leanne that she hugged her and cried when it was time for Leanne to leave.  But in just less than a week, Leanne was well enough to return home (where her mean sister immediately returned her to a healthy meal plan).
Meanwhile, Mama Hop's hospitalization wasn't as pleasant.  Without going into too much unsettling detail, we made the decision to have her transferred here.  She arrived on a Friday night in excruciating pain.  I arranged for her to see a vascular surgeon first thing on Monday.  
At that appointment, the vascular surgeon took one look at the necrotic tissue that had formed on what was left of Mama Hop's foot and he arranged for her to be hospitalized here, where he would perform a below-the-knee (BTK) amputation ASAP.  This was the only way to rid her body of the infection and resolve the pain.
To be continued...


  1. What a scary decision for you and Mama Hop to have to make. And Leanne! What a crazy summer you've had.

  2. Hello. I have followed your story for quite a while. However, when I read about your two ladies in the hospital at the same time I just had to pop in. My 22 year old daughter is severely disabled with BPAN. She was hospitalized (unusual for her) with breathing problems from the flu and for safety reasons someone has to be with her 24/7. That would be me as I am a single mom. Anyway on day 3 of her stay, my entire leg swelled up unexpectedly and dramatically, red, hot, the whole 9 yards and I had to be immediately admitted to the same hospital. I had very aggressive MRSA and almost lost the leg. So there we were. Both in the hospital. I have 2 older sons who had to fly immediately in from out of state and take care of their sister at her bedside because she cant be left alone at all. It was a mess. However, in the midst of chaos, the beauty of humanity was clear to see, just as you said. Everyone rose to the occasion in the turmoil.
    I think I had a little PTSD when it was all over and we were both healing well, although one of the boys did stay with us for a month because I could not lift my daughter with my leg healing. I am hoping once your mom has the amputation, she will begin to heal. It will be a long recovery for her for sure. My thoughts are with you and her.