Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Leanne blogs to Mom

My dad loved the blog.  When he died, it made me sad to think that he wouldn't be reading the blog and following up with an email or a phone call, laughing about the children's latest antics.  Someone told me that my dad is, most certainly, still an active blog reader.  It's actually quite reassuring to think that our parents can still read the blog and follow along on our adventures from Heaven.  When I asked Leanne if she wanted to blog today, she excitedly accepted the offer.  And she wrote directly to Mama Hop:
 i miss you wish you my  brthday june 4 
and in  haven
with you  
she my dreams 
mom say pray for mom 
i love you 
see you  haven when  
i   in haven get old
i happy 
with sister 
help at church
i felt down steps didnt hurt caieful

love you
Rough translation: Leanne realized today that Mom will miss her birthday.  But she's in heaven with Jesus and she comes to Leanne in her dreams every night and tells Leanne that she loves her and she encourages Leanne to pray.  Leanne will see Mom in heaven; but not until she gets old (LOL!).  She wants mom to know that she's happy here for now with her sister, nieces, and "brother."  She likes to help out at church - except for that little incident when she tripped on the stairs last week.  But don't worry, Mom.  She didn't get hurt.  She's careful.  She loves you, Mom.


  1. This is the best blog post this side of heaven.

  2. ...and cue the tears! 😭❤️
    Love that Leanne wanted to do this.
    And yes - without a doubt - you’re parents are watching, reading along, and always with you!