Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fashion Show

Seeing as how Josie will be four months old on Wednesday, we decided we would optimistically try on some of her size three month clothes tonight.  Hey, what else are us girls supposed to do while Travis is at softball?  As for the outcome of our 3M fashion show... Well, lets just hope summer lasts through October!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is supposed to be a onesie, not coolots!

Are Hammer pants back in style?

Necks are overrated... are hands

...and feet!

You remember sitcom star, Steve Urkel, right? 

Did I do that?

I think I'm going to need some suspenders to keep these up.

Oh sweet little Josie!  I guess we'll just rock our newborn attire a little while longer.  After all, the best gifts come in small packages!

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  1. I did a very similar post when Piper was about five and a half months old.. With the 3 month clothes... Nothing funnier than watching your friends' kids outgrow their clothes so quickly they're physically still on their bodies, and your kid can't get into the next size for anything. In fact, I put Piper in a 6 month onesie today, at almost 15 months, and the crotch goes down to her knees. I laughed out loud. I think I get more wear for the buck than anyone I've ever known. My husband thinks that should mean I don't have to buy more clothes. I've politely convinced him otherwise.

    Love your little doll- she's way too cute. Can't wait to watch her grow!