Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We got our old Josie back!

It is with enormous relief that I report that the worst of the C Diff appears to be behind us!  Josie's crying spells were infrequent and short-lived today.  She resorted back to her old self  - peaceful and happy!  The day started out with a nice long stroll through the neighborhood...

Relaxing in the stroller

She conserved just enough energy to impress her physical and occupational therapists this afternoon.  Accomplishments include holding her head in midline for over a minute, batting at dangling objects and...
rolling on her side!  She's less than 2 weeks out of surgery and she's already attempting to roll again!  She must be feeling better.  Let's face it; a happy baby makes for a better day for everyone involved.  Welcome back happy Josie!  We missed you!

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