Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photo Update

Well, it's official; Josie is the proud new owner of her very own G tube.  The surgery went well and the recovery has been quite smooth.  Yesterday, Josie even got to leave the PICU (hopefully the PICU staff made it abundantly clear that she is NOT welcome back).  Here are some photos taken over the last few days...
Last photo taken without a G Tube

Toga! Toga!

(The surgery kept getting delayed so we had to do something to entertain ourselves while we waited.  Corey, this one's for you!)

Showing off the G Tube

Smiling at Ya Ya

Demonstrating some cool hand tricks for Pa Pa

Baby Aerobics - leg lifts!

Now touch your toes! 
(Super fun socks courtesy of Jonnikka.  Thanks Jonnikka!)

If all goes well, we should be heading home later this week.  We can't wait! 


  1. She is so beautiful. Congrats and so glad the surgery went well.

  2. Beth never had a medical issue when she was small. Does Josie ever get tangled up in all those tubes and wires? She seems like such a good baby! She's just takin' it all in stride...

  3. You can tell that your little girl has such a sweet spirit. So happy to see her happy.... :)

  4. So glad she is our of the PICU and you are talking of home! YEAH! Will keep praying for all of you.
    Love her baby aerobics!

  5. She looks glad you will be taking your sweet girl home soon!

  6. First of all, via my vocabulary, those are called "fun socks." I am the proud owner of many pair, but Josie definitely wins the prize of most vibrant. : ) So glad she is doing better and I love seeing her smile. Just wanted you all to know we are thinking of you.

  7. Wow, you were busy (not in a good way) while I was away!! I just got all caught up, I'm so glad she is doing better and she looks great in her pictures! I of course love all the emails from Aunt Leann!!! Give that sweet baby a kiss from me and I hope you guys get to go home soon!!!

  8. Wonderful news. Keep up the good work, Josie! :)

  9. Time to stock up on sleepers that snap down the front (easy G-Tube access). We also stuck with 2-piece outfits during the day. The onesies become cumbersome at feeding time unless you can find some with snaps down the front... then buy 2 of every color! LOL.

    So glad your beautiful little girl is doing so well!

  10. woo hoo! she is doing great!! so glad you get to go home soon!!! hope we can get together!

  11. G-Toobers UNITE! Ummm...well, at least until tomorrow...

    Either way...I've never seen a cuter buttoned belly! Way to go, Josie-You-Later-PICU-People!!

    Keep it up!

  12. You are welcome! I remember when Grayson was in the hospital with RSV and had to wear a hospital gown. All I wanted was a healthy baby but also some FUN socks. Something to personalize the hospital gown! Can't wait to see Josie at home! See ya soon! Love Jonnikka, Grayson and Andy

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