Thursday, September 2, 2010

A pre-surgery pep talk from Aunt Leanne

We received the results of Josie's bronchoscopy culture today and it turns out that her lipid laden microphage index is 25.  What does that mean to us non-medical people?  Well, it essentially confirms the theory that she is aspirating when she eats and that formula has gotten into her lungs.  The solution?  A gastric feeding tube or "G Tube".  This is only a temporary solution until she gets a little bit older and her suck/swallow coordination improves.  She will eventually get to ditch the stoma and resume oral feeds.   

Aunt Leanne is actually a card carrying member of the feeding tube alumni and she is very excited that she and Josie will have matching scars.  The surgery is tomorrow morning so Leanne sent the following email to psych Josie up for her big day:

dear josie

catfish ketchup

good lock

with sugery

scars my is


i paeray f

for you

love leanne

Apparently Leanne thinks her scars are cute!  Everyone should be so lucky!  That's just one more commonality to enhance the exclusive bond between Josie and her Aunt Leanne.  They are Dual Divas of Down syndrome for sure! 


  1. many prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow.

  2. Sending prayers! put J's name on our special intentions list in church too.

  3. It's a good club to be in. And I wish my scars were cute too!

    BTW.. LOVE the "Dual Downs Divas". Fits perfectly. Sweetest divas ever! :o)

  4. Lots of prayers for lil Miss J. Tommy still has his gtube and I hope someday he is just as happy with his cute scar. Hang in there Miss J. We just love reading about how much you are mending and getting better!

  5. Welcome to the g-tube club sweet girl!

  6. Praying for an uneventful surgery and recovery for Josie!
    I love Leanne's emails to Josie. I hope you are keeping those for Josie's scrapbook. So sweet.

  7. So glad they know what is going on now! We will be praying for Josie's surgery! Blessings - Kelli

  8. Praying for you. Let us know if we can do anything for you this way!