Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skills and Abilities Clearing House

Now that Josie's mastered head control, we're moving on to trunk control and learning to sit up.  As the constantly caffeinated, Type A, sometimes bossy (thanks Leanne) person that I am, I like to maintain a fast pace and to set the bar high.  Moreover, my sister has taught me to never underestimate the "skills and abilities" of an individual just because he or she has Down Syndrome.  That being said, this kid oozes potential and I'm not exactly apathetic so between the two of us, we're committed to the ongoing development of her repertoire of "skills and abilities".  But even I was surprised when I witnessed today's progress...

The shriek that erupted from my lungs caused Travis to come running!*
*Anyone who knows my husband understands that I've employed hyperbole as a fundamental literary device to help add impact to the story.  The reality is that he likely walked at a sensible and moderate pace, all the while wondering what could be so important that I would interrupt him from the ever pressing installation of a new CPU cooler into his computer

Check it out!
Here I go...

Almost there!

How's that?  Not bad for my first try, right? 

She's looking off to her left wondering if Ed McMahon had just walked into the bedroom or if my superfluous frenzy could actually be attributed to her impromptu baby yoga pose. 

Oh the thrills of parenthood!


  1. The little girl, all pretty in pink, with matching accessories:) Way to go, Josie. You are AMAZING!!

  2. Hooray Josie, looking great!!!! You should try the Bumbo chair, it was GREAT for Ella!!

  3. AWESOME!!! Excellent workout! She's gonna be chock full of suprises!

    (We'll pray she sticks with the happy-milestone-meeting type instead of the medical-scary-hospital type!)

  4. Josie, you are looking soooo wonderful! Keep up all the good work!

  5. woo hoooo!! way to go Josie!! she is going to knock your socks off everyday!!! you are so blessed!

  6. She's clearly gifted. Lifting up that melon is no small task. Making it looks so cute? Even trickier. Well done, Lady! I'm expecting a cartwheel in the next post. xoxo