Friday, October 22, 2010

Breathing Easier

While her chest x-ray remains unchanged from yesterday, her sensational saturations tell a different story.  Therefore Josie was able to graduate from the high-flow cannula... a regular cannula today!  Miss Super Sensitive Skin has the bright red welts on her face from the tape removal compliments of Nick ("Black Olives"), the RT.  But he inquired about Aunt Leanne so we'll let it slide. 
While Josie screamed (and held her breath) all the way through the tape removal, she was 100% sunshine and smiles when it was over. 
 We are so proud of her progress and we are hopeful that we can leave the PICU soon.
 She has received superb care from some of her old friends, namely Nurse Juliana who loves Josie like she's her own.  We are extremely grateful that Josie has so many caregivers here in the PICU who are cheering her on and doing their best to make her well again.  Even nurses that are not assigned to Josie come in to dote on her. 
Sweet Dreams Jelly Bean!  We pray that you wake up to clear, healthy lungs!


  1. Come home, Josie-O. Are those nurses making themselves too imperative to your social circle? I fear you're making return trips in order to socialize. Jeepers, Squirt. Host a tupperware party or somethin'.

    We love you and pray for you every day...

  2. Josie's smile makes my day brighter. Love the pictures and praying her breathing continues to improve. Her smiles is contagious and beautiful:)

  3. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear that sweet Josie is in the hospital again, poor baby!! BUT, she looks good, hopefully she will get to come home very soon!!

  4. Love the pic of yout two looking at each other. Glad that she's doing better. :)

  5. Glad to hear she is doing better and better! Get well soon, lil miss!