Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wisdom teeth and birthdays - the conclusion

Sorry it's been so long since a new blog post appeared.  The wisdom teeth removal was a huge success with minimal discomfort.  As the anesthesia was wearing off, several people were the lucky recipients of drug-induced text messages like this:

I am done!  Leanne & Travis are pharmacy getting medications.  I am on car.  Travis wouldn't let em going in on account of I can't walk.

 Next time I go under, somebody take my phone away from me!  Overall, the recovery was wonderful.  In fact, it was almost like a vacation; I laid around while Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne did the laundry...
...Made the beds...
(Bed made by Aunt Leanne.  When she doesn't know where the pillows go, she throws them anywhere -in the closet, under the bed...wherever!)

...and most importantly, they took excellent care of Josephine Leanne!
There was lots of girl time.  Here's Leanne getting ready for her pedicure:
Aren't these the cutest toes you've ever seen?!
We even enjoyed the beautiful weather with a trip to the park!

Leanne ballet danced all the way home!
Overall, we had a wonderful time!  Travis, Josie, and I cannot begin to express our appreciation to Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne for being so helpful and for keeping this household running!

This is the soft launch of our campaign to convince them to move closer to down the block.

On Friday night we celebrated the birth of this handsome young man by driving around to several local restaurants before finally settling on his favorite pizza place this side of the Mason-Dixon...

Hey, he's a Libra.  We're notoriously indecisive creatures! 

Happy Birthday, Travis.  I love you!


  1. Love the park pictures! Thanks for the update (and glad you are doing well, I didn't fair so well when I had mine out!)

  2. I love the pic of Leanne and Josie looking at one another. Leanne is so cute the way she reads to Josie, I love reading about the two of them! You have a beautiful family, you are so BLESSED!

  3. Yeah for Leanne and your mom being there to help out, awesome! Glad surgery went well. Happy birthday Travis!

  4. Happy Birthday to the Libras! Glad you're feeling better and love the Josie/Leanne smiles!

  5. Are you not just the luckiest to have each other?Truly blessed.

  6. BEST...text...message...EVER.

    :0) I'm so glad you're an expertly pampered, toothless princess.

    And I'm pretty much permanently melted by that pink pajamaed forehead snuggle shot.

    Just yummish.