Monday, October 11, 2010

Update by Aunt Leanne

Leanne blogging

hy leanne
this mornng
pull theeth
canit pull theeth sister
becase  for  breakfast
ice cream vallllana
so came home
try again
no food
no liould drinks
no eat
sister starveng

leanne cheesebugerhead

In summary, because I had ONE bite of ice cream this morning, the oral surgeon refused to put me under to remove my wisdom teeth. So, she sent me home with my tail between my legs.  We will try again tomorrow but as Leanne stated above, there will be absolutely NO food (aside from the egg on my face), liquid drinks, or eating whatsoever.  Essentially, "sister starving". 
Leanne demonstrating the dental drill before we go in for our appointment

Other highlights of today include when we were on our way to the oral surgeon's office, we passed a Starbucks...
Leanne: Ooh Starbucks!
Travis: Yes, but we're not going to stop right now because Elizabeth can't have anything to eat or drink before surgery.

Leanne: I have an idea; sister can't have anything to eat or drink but I can! 

We had to laugh...

This afternoon when we were pulling OUT of the car wash, Leanne announces "I'm all wet!"  Her window had been open the entire time but she waited until after we were done to tell me about it.  Wonderful!

Thanks to my little ice cream slip up this morning, we'll have at least one more day of Aunt Leanne's antics.  You're welcome :-) 


  1. I don't buy that excuse about accidental ice cream for one second. I'd have munched a sardine if it got me out of teeth-pulling AND kept that family around for an extra day.

    Still giggling at the car wash anecdote...hee, hee, hee.

  2. I love Leanne's emails, they are the best! The video was great too, love the singing Leanne!! Happy Birthday!:)

  3. Oh my you had me laughing (giggling uncontrollably) I am sorry the wisdom teeth was postponed (but I like Aunt Leanne visiting!!) And the car wash story I had to share with my husband...funny,funny,funny!!

  4. I LOVE IT!!! The Leanne part that is...Starbucks and the carwash...sorry about your wisdom tooth fiasco!!
    Sunnie in NC

  5. Oh my goodness, that is all too funny!! I love your sister!!!! Good luck with your wisdom teeth!!

  6. I was working on lesson plans that needed pictures when I came across this picture of your beautiful little girl!!!
    I teach Middle school students with MR and love it! This is my 24th year! I wouldn't change. Everyday is an adventure and often full of smiles!
    I was on another blog and saw your blog and checked it out. I love the title! Enjoy your sweet precious gift of God as you do your sister.
    I started an everyday "blessings" section on Facebook page where I write something positive about my day of school. I have so many fun stories about my students over the years and wish I had written them down. By doing this, I am remembering all the good times
    Sandy Yoder of Lititz, PA