Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Fun Compliments of Mama Hop & Aunt Leanne

We're winding down from a fun-filled weekend.  On Saturday, we got to bask in YaYa's infinite smile and infectious laugh when we met for lunch and shopping.  I'm just kicking myself because I brought the camera but forgot to get it out of the trunk.  Ugh!  Take my word for it, we had a sensational day with YaYa. 

You'll never believe who showed up at our door today...
My big sister!

Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne were kind enough to make a special trip to our house to spend a few days caring for Josie while I recover from my dreaded wisdom teeth removal tomorrow.  Even though the procedure is going to be a drag, we look forward to any excuse to reunite this crazy bunch.

Mama Hop brought Josie her first pumpkin to celebrate fall.

Speaking of celebrations, we are celebrating a couple of birthdays this week.  Mine is today (10-10-10 - good times!) and Travis' is Friday.  Libra love, baby!  As previously mentioned, Mama Hop enjoys a good birthday celebration and she and Leanne came prepared to host an extravaganza complete with balloons, cake, and gifts. 

Notice the little white fluff ball just dying to get in on the action...

Just in case you'd care to take a glimpse into our chaotic merriment around here, I took a little video footage this afternoon.  Notice how benevolently Leanne serenades me.  But in fulfillment of a fundamental sibling duty, she ensures I don't get too carried away on my birthday high horse...
Happy Birthday you Wolfman Ogress!  Now get in the kitchen and make me a snack.

Imagine the thrill I experienced as I realized that I share my birthday with a well-known superstar whose charm and pizazz has illuminated the lives of everyone she encounters: PUDGE!  I am humbled to be in such esteemed company.  Happy Birthday, LC.  Today we celebrate YOU! 


  1. Happy, happy birthday to YOU!! (And after today's tooth torture, I'm guessing you girls may share the same number of chompers.)
    Birthday hugs and healing thoughts heading your way!!!

  2. Did you replace the bright blue chair with a brown one? Don't remember the name of them.

  3. Yes! The tumble form has been replaced by a "Special Tomato". It fits Josie better (and it matches my decor better - ha!). It's on wheels so she loves being pushed up and down the hallway in a game my mom has titled "Weeee!"

  4. How are you doing? When you are up and ready, we would love for a visit.