Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last year at this time...

Last year at this time, we filled my mom in on a little secret that Travis and I had been keeping.  The 2009 Thanksgiving celebration presented the perfect opportunity to make her aware of a little plan that we'd hatched years ago and stowed away, patiently waiting for the right time.  We created a power point slide show and broadcast it on the TV in front of her.  This particular slide got to the heart of the announcement:

Granted, when we showed my mom this slide show, we had not even started the adoption process yet.  We had not registered with the Down Syndrome Adoption Program; we had not begun a home study.  In all honesty, we really had no idea when our plan would come to fruition.  But God's timeline corresponded perfectly with the dream that was in our hearts...
and we could not be more thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010