Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visit from YaYa & Papa

Our long weekend with YaYa and Papa flew by.  We had so much fun.  Thursday night, they arrived and by the looks of it, we thought they may be moving in permanently. 
 The canine crew was reunited.  Lillian was delighted; the more the merrier - especially when it comes to begging.  After all, it's nearly impossible to resist the pathetic pleas for table food when you have six brown puppy dog eyes staring up at you.
YaYa must have done her signature Pat-a-Cake one hundred times before the weekend was up and Josie never tired of it.  In fact, she learned to imitate her favorite part!  Check it out:

Josie's home nurse came to administer her first Synagis shot of the RSV season. Papa was kind enough to hold Josie during the dreaded prick as I have an aversion to both needles and seeing my baby in pain. It's a tough job but Papa took one for the team. Thanks Papa!
Meanwhile, I learned that my bartending skills may be even more pathetic than my cooking skills.  Per Oprah's recent directive, we decided to make Moscow Mules.  Sounds tasty and refreshing, right?
 Somehow there was a disconnect between Oprah's recipe and my creation as illustrated by the look on YaYa's face when she had a sip...
The photo turned out blurry because I was laughing so hard but you get the idea!

One of the funniest parts of the weekend was Lexie's (Travis' parents' little brown Shih Tzu) uncharacteristic reaction to Josie.  You see, Lexie is a little skittish around people other than YaYa and Papa.  Check out her face and body language when Travis scooped her up:

But Lexie's response towards Josie was much different.  Wherever Josie was, Lexie was right there with her.
Oh Baby Love

My baby love

I need you

Oh how I need you

She just couldn't get enough of our sweet ray of sunshine.  By the end of the weekend, Lexie learned an important lesson: Babies are exhausting! 
Oh but they're so worth it!  Special thanks to YaYa and Papa for a terrific weekend.  The family fun continues tomorrow when Mama Hop and Leanne roll into town to help us celebrate our first Thanksgiving with Josephine Leanne.  Boy do we have so much to be thankful for!


  1. An important lesson for Lexie indeed!

    Josie: you are such a happy girl, with a delightful smile.

    Have a wonderful first Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, dear. I mustn't let Roobie read this post and see what a professionally groomed Shih-Tzu looks like...
    Synagis tip? Rumor has it that Synagis burns like the dickens...to make the administering a bit more tolerable, LC's nurses would divide the dose into two shots...one for each thigh. It meant two sticks, but lessened the amount of time it took to get the ouchy stuff in there.
    Such a sweet family visit...I'm surprised there wasn't a Josie-sized space intentionally left inside that luggage...just in case they could make it out of there with their pat-a-cake prodigy...