Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leanne Got a Promotion!

I just got off the phone with my mom and she informed me that my big sister got a promotion!  Congratulations Leanne! 

Leanne attends a day program for adults with special needs where she learns job skills and gets paid to do small contract jobs like sorting and packaging.  She takes great pride in her work and in her paychecks.  She has learned many things about professionalism in the workforce.  This reminds me of one of our all-time favorite Leanne stories:

Travis and I had just graduated college and he was preparing to start his first real job.  Leanne, as the older, more experienced one, took advantage of the opportunity to share a few career tips with Travis.  It is important to note that Leanne was not joking in the least when she shared her advice.  She was very serious.  Every time I recount this story, it helps to picture Travis (or yourself) actually doing these things at work.  Without further ado...

Leanne's Guide to Professionalism in the Workforce:
1.  If you have to fart, go in the bathroom.
2. But don't go in the bathroom just to hide because you don't feel like working.
3. Speaking of the bathroom, it is inappropriate to discuss your bathroom-related issues (namely your menstral cycle) with your colleagues.
4.  You should never shove your colleague in the closet and hold the door shut; no matter how much he or she annoys you.
5.  Personal Space - this is key!  It is inappropriate to hug or bestow physical affection upon your co-workers.  Hold your arms out straight in front of you and give people at least that much space; resist the urge to get any closer.

My friends, if you remember these important tips, maybe you, too, will get a promotion. 


  1. That is great advice, if only everyone followed it. LOL Congrats Leanne on the promotion.

  2. Leanne is one of the funniest gals I have never met! I am always laughing so hard! Great advice for professionals...but does that include those of us who are SAHM? Some days I would like to enforce that #5 with the personal space!!!

  3. Awesome advice Leanne - this should be posted in every place of employment!

  4. Laughing so hard I was crying, Leanne is just plain awesome...I wish my co-workers were even 1/2 as awesome:-)

  5. Ahahaha.. So funny! Congratulations Leanne! It pays to follow those few simple rules!

  6. Her new workmates will be so pleased.

    What great tips she gave Travis and us.

  7. Justin hasn't been promoted in quite some time...I'm beginning to see some potential explanations for the standstill on the corporate ladder. I'll promptly pass along L's sage advice.
    (But really...Travis? Can't you give the computer back for a half hour or something? Under your close supervision??? I'm re-reading posts here to combat my DDD withdrawal and I'm getting desperate. How about if I send you a roll of papertowels to set by the keyboard? Just in case?)