Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tattle Tail

As always, we had a terrific time with my mom and sister.
Aunt Leanne wears her coat because she likes to be ready to go at any given time.

Josie just started eating cereal and boy does she love the way Mama Hop dishes it out!

Our next door neighbor, Grammie Deb, came over and brought us...

beautiful and scrumptious sugar cookies!

The fabulous Downs Divas relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.
(notice we're still wearing the coat)

During nap time, Leanne did her word searches and expressed concern about my daytime soap my mom ("MOM!  Elizabeth's watching something inappropriate!")  Tattle tail!

Speaking of tattle tails, we've been warned!

Here's Aunt Leanne's summary of the weekend, in her own words:

hey leanne

sister house

eat shopping

care baby
cup frappinchio
choccate chip

with cream

stackbuck coffee

come back

thanksgiving day

In other exciting visitor news:  Papa and YaYa are coming to see us in a couple of weeks.  Boy are we looking forward to that!  I've already started downloading my favorite karaoke tunes...are you ready, YaYa?  "How do I live" has your name all over it!


  1. I love it!! The tattle, the coat, everything! Josie is looking so good and healthy :)

  2. Love reading your posts -they make me smile!

  3. Look at that little Josie sitting up so nice & tall! She looks fabulous! Love the photo of Aunt Lanne enjoying her cookies. Too cute. :)

  4. So cute! I think it's great that Leanne does word searches. Beth mainly writes. Names. Lists and lists of names. From people on TV to friends, family. She hasn't always done it. Just the last few years.