Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mama Hop & Aunt Leanne brave the elements to visit

All of Leanne's snow shoveling paid off.  She and Mama Hop made the trip to see Josie (Catfish with Ketchup).  It was a short visit but it was jam packed with lots of quality time.  Josie showed off the new skills and abilities that she's attained since the last time they were here and Mama Hop was especially impressed. 
How big is Josie?  Sooooooo big!

Story Hour with Aunt Leanne

In the past week alone, Josie had made progress waving, clapping her hands, drinking from a cup, and pivoting on her stomach.  Call her stubborn, or maybe just too humble to show off, but she's far more inclined to demonstrate her new skill set when she thinks no one is watching instead of when we are enthusiastically prompting her.  Josie is also experimenting with vocalization and despite my pleas, she does not seem to understand the importance of using her "indoor voice".  This kid is loud!
Josie shows Aunt Leanne how she practices her skills and abilities in the mirror daily
Mama Hop shows off her new locket featuring a picture of Josie

After a customary outing to Starbucks, Aunt Leanne and Mama Hop settled in to babysit Josie so I could enjoy a rare evening out to dinner with my friend, Abbey.  Their help is very much appreciated as a night out is truly a luxury. 
The Divas cuddle in their pink pajamas

What a way to end the week; first, a visit from Mama Hop & Aunt Leanne and then Daddy returns home from his business trip to Germany.  He even brought Josie back a children's book in German so Josie could brush up on her foreign language skills.  The reunion was absolutely heartwarming and it was apparent both Josie and Lillian desperately missed their Daddy.  
Josie has a funny way of demonstrating her affection.  Nothing says 'I missed you, Daddy.  I'm glad you're back' like a good ole finger poke to the eye... 
...and an attempt at pulling out an eyebrow...
...and if you really missed someone, nothing conveys the sentiment better than yanking off his nose!
Somehow all torture is forgiven with a little smooch on the head.
Welcome home, Daddy!

I have a whole new appreciation for you single moms out there.  This past week was challenging and lonely.  I'd personally like to apologize to anyone who made the mistake of calling me and ended up having their ear talked off a lot longer than anticipated.  Adult interaction is a precious commodity that one can't fully appreciate until it's gone and they're quarantined in the dead of winter with a 9 month old.  Special thanks to neighbors, Deb and Verl, who kept our groceries stocked and our driveway cleared in Travis' absence. I'd also like to thank Mama Hop & Aunt Leanne who always do their best to keep us company when Big T has to go on a business trip.  They are the best! 


  1. She's so lovely Elizabeth. Her hair is starting to grow :)
    My bub does all that with his dad when they haven't seen each other for a while.

  2. oh I'm so happy Auntie and Momma Hop got to see Catfish with Ketchup.

    The pictures are precious. Enjoy and cherish time apart and time together. :)

  3. So glad Leanne and Mama Hop made it up and the weather held off. Also, thankful that Travis made it home safely!!

  4. That post cracked me up. We adults wouldn't take that kind of "welcome home" from anyone other than an adorable babe. Can you imagine a friend of yours walking up, poking you in the eye, yanking on your eyebrow, and then following that with a nice peck on the forhead!! :)

  5. I love reading about Aunt Leanne and her visits! She sounds like she is so fun to be around and she really loves that Josie Catfish with Ketchup!

  6. i've been alone with rachel for over 3 is HARD! you can't get anything done. rachel is also loud. she yells at me all the time. such a drama queen. :)

  7. I can not believe how big she has gotten and how great she looks, I can went through your blog and caught up, your an amazing momma to one amazing catfish with ketchup