Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Aunt Leanne been up to lately?

Aunt Leanne sent us an least I think it was for us.  It came to my email account.  It looks as though she wrote it to herself but that's not entirely uncommon.  Anyway, last night she attended a fun-filled birthday party for her friend, Stephanie.  From what I heard, she danced the night away with all her friends, received thoughtful Valentines Day gifts, and had a great time.  However, she didn't mention any of that in her email.  Nope - she omitted the fluffy details and got right down to the important part: the food!
dear leanne

went to party

hang my jacket


we had dinner

chill meat homeade

sour cream

on top



hot dogs



hot perppers


Well, I'm glad she didn't throw her jacket on the floor.  That wouldn't be acceptable, now would it?  I can only hope Josie grows up to be as tidy as her Aunt Leanne is.  Thanks for another food-filled email, Leanne!


  1. hahaha. :) She even addressed it to her! She is very fond that the "enter" button! Those are just so hysterical. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. why the heck did i throw money down on that pioneer woman cookbook, when leanne's emails always make me 10 times hungrier?

    i'm waiting for the first edition of YOUR cookbook, Queen Diva. Hang up your coat and get to WORK, Lady.

  3. All of this melts my heart! Leanne is adorable and she is SUCH a good big sister to keep you updated on her life! I wish my 2 older sisters emailed me about their days!

  4. I think that Jimmy and Leanne would get along great! They both love to talk about food! I love her emails!!:)

  5. Leanne's a woman after my own one party trick is that I can remember any meal I had in a restaurant ever, and I can remember any meal that anyone else who was with me had too! However, I tend to throw my coat over an armchair as soon as I get home :-) Ah well...

  6. Hey Leanne - what about the CAKE? It was a birthday party, so there had to be CAKE! I want more details - about the flavor, icing, decoration, etc.! :-)

  7. What a pretty picture of the divas!!