Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Downs Diva Empire

Ladies and Gentlemen, we've already established that Josie knows how to rock a snowsuit.  So my friend, Lauren, at Lola's Little Lovelies, decided she was ready to accessorize and sent her a package of frilly treasures.  (Granted this happened after she made fun of me for admitting I do full hair and makeup and make Josie wear a cute outfit & bow every day even though we are quarantined hermits.  Hey - I'm sure the oxygen delivery guy is impressed!)  Anyway, imagine our surprise when, among the adorable bows and headbands, we found this custom made bib... 
Hey, it's never too soon for Josie to start branding her global empire.  Although, I'm pretty sure Aunt Leanne is going to want a cut.  After all, she was the original Downs Diva while Josie is her most auspicious protégé. 
In true diva fashion, Leanne will not hesitate to personally fire anyone in the public sector who makes her unhappy (seriously - she's fired nurses, flight attendants...anyone who irritates her), however Josie is one apprentice who will never hear the words "You're fired"!


  1. Oh your posts always make me smile :) You have a true cutie!

  2. Cute bow and bib! How funny that Leanne fires people! Well my sister's high school was cancelled for snow days last week and while we're all cheering for Emily she's almost in tears because it was going to be "crispy burrito day!" They sure love their food!!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! E has been carrying around Josie's picture since we got it, saying, "That my baby Josie!" Can't wait to come visit in the spring and shower this little cutie with more stuff!